My name is Bobby, and I am a wedding (and everything else) photographer in Austin, TX.

I started photographer in 2009 when I got my first dog, Rocket. He was an eight week old Scottish Terrier puppy, and I just knew I would need to photograph him as he got older. After purchasing my first camera setup, I started experimenting more with photography when I was photographing Rocket. I fell in love with taking photos of my friends who liked to do fire spinning and breathing, and that eventually led to me bringing my camera with me to live music shows (which I have and will always frequent). 

After a few years, I found myself being a wedding photographer for the Austin area. Naturally, people referred me to their friends, or clients found my website or Facebook page, and I was getting booked to photograph one of the biggest days of people's lives and I felt so honored. The people I met, the different experiences and takes on what a wedding should be, and the fast-paced stress of needing to capture a moment as it happens and before it's gone is what kept me going.

I have a photojournalism style, meaning I like to capture a lot of candids; certain looks from the groom to the bride, laughs during the speeches, that one dance move your best man always does. I do like to take my couples aside during the wedding and take a few artistic photos of them using beautiful poses and off-camera flash, but for the most part I want you guys to just have fun and not let me nag you on poses all day.

Outside of wedding photography, I really enjoy taking photos at concerts, people doing performance arts like fire breathing or pole dancing, events, headshots, family portraits, and even motorsports! This has been a dream come true getting to find myself in so many different situations, capturing photos of what is important to a lot of people.

When not behind the camera, I like to go on joyrides, try out new restaurants around Austin, play guitar, host get-togethers at my house with friends and family, go to car shows, play League of Legends, play with my two Scottish Terriers Galileo and Jericho, and see new places with my wife, Mary.

No matter what photography need you have, I'd love to hear about it! Reach out to me using my contact form, and let's get to it!