Live Performance Band Promos
$200 $150
(Up to) 2 Hours of Coverage (Up to) 1.5 hour long session
Print Release Print Release
Full resolution downloads of images Full resolution downloads of images
Edited and delivered within 1 week of event Edited and delivered within 1 week of shoot

*Additional fees for parking, travel, and entry MAY be required

à la carte:
Thumb Drive with Images: $50

Austin is a city full of great artists. Artists need to be on top of their game to draw a crowd, and it's not just about their performances. Having great media to post on your social media, ad campaigns, posts, websites, business cards, and other self-promoting items is a MUST!

The photographs I capture and provide are everlasting, and make people interested in seeing more. Many of my previous clients still use my images on their new ads and posters! Contact me for details!

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