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Say it ain't so! My photography contract with Horn-Ball Tailgaters has come to an end. It has been an absolute blast getting to photograph these events, and I hope I will be back for it next year!

The party was HOPPIN' before the UT vs Kansas game. I don't think I've seen people dance so much before outside of a wedding! Check out the photos from the event below, and let me know if you need photography for an event covered!

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Becca & Tim | Wedding BTG-309BTG-309

Tim was in a car club I used to be a part of (before I started BAMBOOZLED) and when I saw him looking for a wedding photographer, I of course had to offer my services! Tim is a great guy - I photographed his Shelby GT350 in the past, and he's just a laid back and easy going person, and I love working with people who don't stress out too much.

I didn't realize it until I got there for their wedding day, but I actually went to high school with Becca, and worked with her brother. Funny how small the world can be sometimes! 

Becca and Tim put on a great wedding! Complete with a fireworks show and everything. Loved seeing these two tie the knot and being there to capture it all. Check out my favorites below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer!

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BTG-6BTG-6 BTG-8BTG-8 BTG-10BTG-10 BTG-11BTG-11 BTG-14BTG-14 BTG-34BTG-34 BTG-40BTG-40 BTG-44BTG-44 BTG-50BTG-50 BTG-58BTG-58 BTG-76BTG-76 BTG-85BTG-85 BTG-88BTG-88 BTG-93BTG-93 BTG-98BTG-98 BTG-104BTG-104 BTG-107BTG-107 BTG-108BTG-108 BTG-114BTG-114 BTG-117BTG-117 BTG-127BTG-127 BTG-133BTG-133 BTG-139BTG-139 BTG-147BTG-147 BTG-151BTG-151 BTG-156BTG-156 BTG-158BTG-158 BTG-164BTG-164 BTG-167BTG-167 BTG-173BTG-173 BTG-175BTG-175 BTG-186BTG-186 BTG-192BTG-192 BTG-199BTG-199 BTG-200BTG-200 BTG-204BTG-204 BTG-213BTG-213 BTG-215BTG-215 BTG-217BTG-217 BTG-256BTG-256 BTG-259BTG-259 BTG-264BTG-264 BTG-279BTG-279 BTG-282BTG-282 BTG-288BTG-288 BTG-296BTG-296 BTG-309BTG-309 BTG-316BTG-316 BTG-318BTG-318 BTG-338BTG-338 BTG-344BTG-344 BTG-354BTG-354 BTG-357BTG-357 BTG-371BTG-371 BTG-372BTG-372 BTG-376BTG-376 BTG-383BTG-383 BTG-395BTG-395 BTG-398BTG-398 BTG-411BTG-411 BTG-417BTG-417 BTG-421BTG-421

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Lorena & Damien | Family LDI-4LDI-4

I love my neighbors, and I am glad I got to meet Lorena and Damien to take some family photos of them at their new house! They are a beautiful family, and it was great getting to know them a little during our session.

Check out some of my favorites below, and let me know if you and your family need some new portraits!

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(The Vinyl Lens) family toddler Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:55:19 GMT
Adrain | Birthday A_GR-98A_GR-98

I met up with Danielle after she reached out to me to see if I could photograph a surprise birthday party she was throwing for her husband, Adrain. We met up at a coffee shop, and really just had a conversation for about an hour. She was genuinely just a cool and fun person to chat with, but I did get to learn more about the birthday party she was throwing for Adrain: surprise birthday party at The Range, an Austin gun range.

I've only been to the gun range once in my life, so I wasn't sure what to really expect but it seemed like a fun idea. So the day finally came, and it went really well! Adrain was surprised, and everyone got to shoot some really cool firearms from pistols to ARs. 

Check out some of my favorites below, and let me know if you have an event coming up that you'd like photographed!

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A_GR-1A_GR-1 A_GR-3A_GR-3 A_GR-5A_GR-5 A_GR-8A_GR-8 A_GR-9A_GR-9 A_GR-11A_GR-11 A_GR-15A_GR-15 A_GR-16A_GR-16 A_GR-19A_GR-19 A_GR-20A_GR-20 A_GR-24A_GR-24 A_GR-28A_GR-28 A_GR-31A_GR-31 A_GR-32A_GR-32 A_GR-33A_GR-33 A_GR-38A_GR-38 A_GR-43A_GR-43 A_GR-48A_GR-48 A_GR-57A_GR-57 A_GR-58A_GR-58 A_GR-62A_GR-62 A_GR-66A_GR-66 A_GR-67A_GR-67 A_GR-70A_GR-70 A_GR-72A_GR-72 A_GR-73A_GR-73 A_GR-74A_GR-74 A_GR-75A_GR-75 A_GR-86A_GR-86 A_GR-90A_GR-90 A_GR-96A_GR-96 A_GR-97A_GR-97 A_GR-98A_GR-98 A_GR-127A_GR-127 A_GR-130A_GR-130 A_GR-132A_GR-132

(The Vinyl Lens) birthday event gun range guns Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:47:18 GMT
Joshua | Rollers JS-DUC-8JS-DUC-8

I really need to do more rolling shots for motorcycles. I met up with Joshua for some downtown rollers on Sunday morning and really love what we were able to capture. We switched things up this time by mounting my camera to the other side of my car to get a better angle on the important bits of his bike, and it really helped the overall look.

Check out some of my favorites below, and let me know if you have a bike and want to get some sweet rolling shots taken!

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(The Vinyl Lens) downtown ducati rollers rolling shots Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:32:37 GMT
Austin & Christian | Rollers AD-27AD-27

A couple friends of mine, Austin and Christian, needed some rolling shots of their rides! So we met up at the Pennybacker Bridge to do my usual route. Got some great images of this modded EcoBoost Mustang and Sonata with those hill country backdrops and the iconic bridge as we crossed over it.

Check out my favorites from the shoot below, and hit me up if you need any rolling shots done for YOUR sweet ride!

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AD-3AD-3 AD-8AD-8 AD-13AD-13 AD-18AD-18 AD-24AD-24 AD-27AD-27 AD-30AD-30 AD-32AD-32 AD-35AD-35 AD-39AD-39 AD-45AD-45 AD-55AD-55 AD-72AD-72 AD-74AD-74 AD-76AD-76 AD-87AD-87 AD-88AD-88 AD-89AD-89 AD-94AD-94


(The Vinyl Lens) austin cars ecoboost mustang pennybacker sonata Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:02:17 GMT
Fly Unfeathered - INFERNI FUI-332FUI-332

Fly Unfeathered put on another delightful and curious show at the Sekrit Theater a couple weeks ago called INFERNI. The story follows Dante through the 9 circles of Hell, and the show was full of great aerial and dance performances, complete with incredible visuals and costumes.

Plus, how many people can say they've been served a cocktail by Cerberus? 

I highly recommend giving Fly Unfeathered a follow so you can get in on the next show they do! Check out the photos from the performance below, and let me know if you need photography coverage at your next event!

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(The Vinyl Lens) aerial cerberus dance dante's inferno hell inferni performance Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:37:42 GMT
Horn-Ball Tailgaters | UT vs OSU HBTG-179HBTG-179

Horn-Ball Tailgaters came back with another fun event prior to the UT vs OSU game this last weekend! This time they got to utilize the big lot that sits caddy-corner, which created so much more space for these fans to come and party before the game. 

Lots of out of town visitors for this one, too! Folks from all over the place - Boston, New York, Oklahoma, Miami... Check out the gallery or the slideshow below to see what the vibe was all about this week!

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Perla & Jonathan | Wedding PJM-131PJM-131

Perla & Jonathan
When: August 14th, 2021
Ceremony: Chapel Dulcinea

It's not very often you meet someone as charismatic and friendly as Jonathan, nor someone as sweet as Perla. I've photographed the weddings of a few of Perla and Jonathan's friends (shoutout to Amy and Austin, and Kristy and Matt!), and Perla and Jonathan were referred by them to me. I love getting to photograph weddings of friends of couples I've photographed in the past! It lets me see some familiar faces, and just changes the dynamic a bit in a great way.

Perla and Jonathan had this perfect reservation slot at Chapel Dulcinea right before sunset, and... well if you look at the photos below, you'll see why it was perfect. We got some shots with a killer sunset behind them. This beautiful couple made the whole shoot very easy. 

Check out my favorites from their wedding below, and reach out to me if you have a wedding coming up and are still looking for a photographer!

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PJM-7PJM-7 PJM-11PJM-11 PJM-12PJM-12 PJM-17PJM-17 PJM-19PJM-19 PJM-21PJM-21 PJM-27PJM-27 PJM-29PJM-29 PJM-33PJM-33 PJM-35PJM-35 PJM-48PJM-48 PJM-56PJM-56 PJM-58PJM-58 PJM-68PJM-68 PJM-69PJM-69 PJM-71PJM-71 PJM-75PJM-75 PJM-80PJM-80 PJM-81PJM-81 PJM-82PJM-82 PJM-84PJM-84 PJM-86PJM-86 PJM-98PJM-98 PJM-108PJM-108 PJM-110PJM-110 PJM-114PJM-114 PJM-120PJM-120 PJM-122PJM-122 PJM-126PJM-126 PJM-127PJM-127 PJM-131PJM-131 PJM-133PJM-133 PJM-147PJM-147 PJM-168PJM-168 PJM-170PJM-170 PJM-176PJM-176 PJM-177PJM-177


(The Vinyl Lens) dulcinea wedding Thu, 30 Sep 2021 16:27:29 GMT
Illuminatra Private Party | Event Illuminatra-11Illuminatra-11

I've met some incredible performers through Lache and the Fly Unfeathered shows, and one of those people was Mary with Illuminatra. She invited me out to photograph their performances at a private party at Casa Cartel, and... just WOW! I love photographing performance art, but this setting was just a whole 'nother level of sweet.

They did everything from fire spinning acts to different aerials, and even had a big inflatable ball in the pool they could climb inside. It was a lot to take in, but I am so glad I got to be a part of capturing the magic.

Check out my favorites from the shoot below, and let me know if you have some performance art you'd like me to capture!

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Illuminatra-1Illuminatra-1 Illuminatra-3Illuminatra-3 Illuminatra-5Illuminatra-5 Illuminatra-8Illuminatra-8 Illuminatra-11Illuminatra-11 Illuminatra-14Illuminatra-14 Illuminatra-20Illuminatra-20 Illuminatra-29Illuminatra-29 Illuminatra-31Illuminatra-31 Illuminatra-41Illuminatra-41 Illuminatra-66Illuminatra-66 Illuminatra-74Illuminatra-74 Illuminatra-77Illuminatra-77 Illuminatra-79Illuminatra-79 Illuminatra-81Illuminatra-81 Illuminatra-90Illuminatra-90 Illuminatra-93Illuminatra-93 Illuminatra-107Illuminatra-107 Illuminatra-110Illuminatra-110 Illuminatra-114Illuminatra-114 Illuminatra-115Illuminatra-115 Illuminatra-118Illuminatra-118 Illuminatra-123Illuminatra-123 Illuminatra-128Illuminatra-128 Illuminatra-134Illuminatra-134 Illuminatra-135Illuminatra-135 Illuminatra-138Illuminatra-138 Illuminatra-152Illuminatra-152 Illuminatra-157Illuminatra-157 Illuminatra-158Illuminatra-158

(The Vinyl Lens) acrobatic aerial contortionist fire illuminatra performance poi Thu, 30 Sep 2021 16:16:58 GMT
Jesse's Moving Away Shoot | Rollers BAM_JFC-58BAM_JFC-58

My good friend Jesse had to move to Indiana for work, but before he left we did a short cruise just for him. Before that cruise, I wanted to get some rolling shots of his car before he left. So I invited him and the car club out to my downtown route and knocked out some rollers for them.

It was a perfect morning for them, too! Light traffic, little overcast, and of course they brought the sexiness with their cars.

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below, and let me know if you need photos of your sweet ride!

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(The Vinyl Lens) camaro corvette downtown mustang rollers Thu, 30 Sep 2021 16:11:20 GMT
Phil | Rollers PW-18PW-18

Too many people sleep on the Kia Stinger, but it's one of the quickest 4-door cars on the market! And I got to meet up with Phil and take some rolling shots of his ride in downtown Austin.

Not a whole lot to say other than it's a beautiful car, sounds great, and it was a blast getting to roll down these city streets with him.

Check out a few of my favorites from his shoot below, and hit me up if you need new photos of your ride!

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PW-8PW-8 PW-18PW-18 PW-24PW-24 PW-25PW-25 PW-32PW-32

(The Vinyl Lens) downtown kia rollers stinger Thu, 30 Sep 2021 16:05:16 GMT
Alexander & Cheryl | Rollers ACK-140ACK-140

It's not every day you get to take photos of 700+ HP cars, or take a photo with 1400+ HP in it! But a few weeks ago it was that day for me. I took photos of Alexander and Cheryl's cars before back when she drove a Mustang GT, but she made a little upgrade to a GT500 recently and wanted to show it off.

So we met up downtown and did the Congress bridge route, and then I took them to my favorite parking garage rooftop to get some skyline photos. These guys take the term "power couple" to a whole new level, and I was glad to be able to take these photos for them.

Check out my favorite from the shoot below, and be sure to hit me up if you need new photos of YOUR sweet ride!

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ACK-4ACK-4 ACK-12ACK-12 ACK-19ACK-19 ACK-27ACK-27 ACK-31ACK-31 ACK-36ACK-36 ACK-40ACK-40 ACK-50ACK-50 ACK-54ACK-54 ACK-63ACK-63 ACK-66ACK-66 ACK-86ACK-86 ACK-89ACK-89 ACK-93ACK-93 ACK-96ACK-96 ACK-104ACK-104 ACK-117ACK-117 ACK-122ACK-122 ACK-123ACK-123 ACK-124ACK-124 ACK-125ACK-125 ACK-126ACK-126 ACK-127ACK-127 ACK-128ACK-128 ACK-129ACK-129 ACK-130ACK-130 ACK-131ACK-131 ACK-132ACK-132 ACK-133ACK-133 ACK-134ACK-134 ACK-135ACK-135 ACK-136ACK-136 ACK-137ACK-137 ACK-138ACK-138 ACK-139ACK-139 ACK-140ACK-140 ACK-141ACK-141 ACK-142ACK-142 ACK-144ACK-144

(The Vinyl Lens) cars challenger gt500 hellcat mustang rollers Thu, 30 Sep 2021 15:44:40 GMT
Don & Rob & Jenn | Rollers DRJ-34DRJ-34

My car club held a contest and I put up a rolling shot session as one of the prizes. Don won first place and we setup a time to get together for his session. His Mercedes is IMMACULATE! Very beautiful car, and it made me excited to do the shoot.

So we hit up 360 and tried a couple of angles and got some really spectacular shots. I usually invite members of the car club out after I finish a session to take photos of their cars, too (hey, I am out here anyway, right?), and got some great rolling shots of their cars.

Check out some of my favorites from this morning, and hit me up if you need some new shots of your car!

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DRJ-3DRJ-3 DRJ-5DRJ-5 DRJ-9DRJ-9 DRJ-11DRJ-11 DRJ-18DRJ-18 DRJ-32DRJ-32 DRJ-34DRJ-34 DRJ-47DRJ-47 DRJ-50DRJ-50 DRJ-51DRJ-51 DRJ-60DRJ-60 DRJ-63DRJ-63 DRJ-65DRJ-65 DRJ-67DRJ-67 DRJ-72DRJ-72 DRJ-73DRJ-73 DRJ-76DRJ-76 DRJ-79DRJ-79 DRJ-85DRJ-85 DRJ-96DRJ-96

(The Vinyl Lens) bmw mb mercedes mustang rolling shots Thu, 30 Sep 2021 02:56:21 GMT
Car Club September '21 Cruise | Event & Rollers BAM9-21-19BAM9-21-19

As some of y'all know, I started up a car club earlier this year. Last weekend, we went on our third club cruise! This is a time we have together where we drive spiritedly through the hill country, stop at a couple local joints for food and libations, and generally just get to know each other better and have a nice day out.

Along the way, I busted out the camera and took some rolling shots of several of our members, and also stopped for some stills. You can check out the whole blog entry for the cruise HERE!

Check out my favorites below, and let me know if you need some new photos of your car to show off your sweet ride!

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BAM9-21-1BAM9-21-1 BAM9-21-2BAM9-21-2 BAM9-21-3BAM9-21-3 BAM9-21-4BAM9-21-4 BAM9-21-5BAM9-21-5 BAM9-21-6BAM9-21-6 BAM9-21-7BAM9-21-7 BAM9-21-8BAM9-21-8 BAM9-21-9BAM9-21-9 BAM9-21-10BAM9-21-10 BAM9-21-11BAM9-21-11 BAM9-21-12BAM9-21-12 BAM9-21-13BAM9-21-13 BAM9-21-14BAM9-21-14 BAM9-21-15BAM9-21-15 BAM9-21-16BAM9-21-16 BAM9-21-17BAM9-21-17 BAM9-21-18BAM9-21-18 BAM9-21-19BAM9-21-19 BAM9-21-20BAM9-21-20 BAM9-21-21BAM9-21-21 BAM9-21-22BAM9-21-22 BAM9-21-23BAM9-21-23 BAM9-21-24BAM9-21-24 BAM9-21-25BAM9-21-25 BAM9-21-26BAM9-21-26 BAM9-21-27BAM9-21-27 BAM9-21-28BAM9-21-28 BAM9-21-29BAM9-21-29 BAM9-21-30BAM9-21-30 BAM9-21-31BAM9-21-31 BAM9-21-32BAM9-21-32 BAM9-21-33BAM9-21-33 BAM9-21-34BAM9-21-34 BAM9-21-35BAM9-21-35 BAM9-21-36BAM9-21-36 BAM9-21-37BAM9-21-37 BAM9-21-38BAM9-21-38

(The Vinyl Lens) cars rolling shots Wed, 29 Sep 2021 22:39:13 GMT
Aubrey Logan @ Austin, TX at Parker Jazz Club AL-26AL-26

Who: Aubrey Logan
When: July 1st, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Parker Jazz Club

Years ago when Postmodern Jukebox was starting to gain popularity, I watched a video of Aubrey Logan doing a rendition of "Can't Stop the Feeling" and I just kinda fell in love with her style! Strong voice, lots of scat jazz runs, and throw in a trombone for good measure! I saw that she was going to be performing here in Austin so I reached out and got a press pass to photograph her show...

Color me surprised when I found out she actually lives here in Austin now, and performs regularly! The whole show was fantastic, and I came out of there with some great new songs I hadn't heard before that night in my playlist on my phone. 

Below are some of my favorites from the set, so check them out! And if you are a musician looking for some great live show photos, reach out to me and let's set something up!

Click Here For Gallery View!

AL-1AL-1 AL-2AL-2 AL-8AL-8 AL-12AL-12 AL-19AL-19 AL-22AL-22 AL-26AL-26 AL-46AL-46 AL-67AL-67 AL-70AL-70 AL-71AL-71 AL-84AL-84 AL-87AL-87 AL-95AL-95 AL-112AL-112 AL-117AL-117


(The Vinyl Lens) aubrey logan live music parker jazz club Wed, 29 Sep 2021 20:22:09 GMT
Bare Performance Nutrition | Studio Details BPN-2BPN-2

 My good friend Matt Alvarez with Sound Shed AV Solutions started doing these incredibly impressive podcast studio builds for different people and companies, and he asked me to come take some team photos at one of his latest creations.

So I met up with him and the team at Bare Performance Nutrition and took some of these shots of the studio, the team, and a few around their building. Such a cool build, and I was happy to get to get some shots for him.

Check out the photos below, and if you have a space you want to show off, reach out to me to setup a shoot!

Click Here For Gallery View!

BPN-1BPN-1 BPN-2BPN-2 BPN-3BPN-3 BPN-4BPN-4 BPN-5BPN-5 BPN-6BPN-6 BPN-7BPN-7 BPN-8BPN-8 BPN-9BPN-9 BPN-10BPN-10 BPN-11BPN-11 BPN-12BPN-12 BPN-13BPN-13 BPN-14BPN-14 BPN-15BPN-15 BPN-16BPN-16 BPN-17BPN-17 BPN-18BPN-18 BPN-19BPN-19 BPN-20BPN-20 BPN-21BPN-21 BPN-22BPN-22 BPN-25BPN-25 BPN-26BPN-26

(The Vinyl Lens) podcast real estate studio Wed, 29 Sep 2021 20:02:15 GMT
Y'all Out Boy @ Austin, TX at Empire Garage (pt 3) YOB3rd-392YOB3rd-392 Who: Y'all Out Boy
When: July 31st, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Empire Garage

And finally, part 3 in the series of me catching up with blog posts. Back at Empire Garage again, but this time it was a YOB Anniversary show! The venue was absolutely FILLED. There were inflatable beach balls and pizzas, an insanely loved setlist, and non-stop fun for a few hours! 

I've already said it before, but these guys are an insane talent, and you'd be hard pressed finding a better act besides seeing the original bands themselves to get your pop-punk and emo fill!

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below! If you are a band or musician in the Austin area and need some great live show shots, be sure to reach out to me so we can get something setup!

Click Here For Gallery View!

YOB3rd-12YOB3rd-12 YOB3rd-14YOB3rd-14 YOB3rd-17YOB3rd-17 YOB3rd-26YOB3rd-26 YOB3rd-32YOB3rd-32 YOB3rd-37YOB3rd-37 YOB3rd-41YOB3rd-41 YOB3rd-44YOB3rd-44 YOB3rd-45YOB3rd-45 YOB3rd-49YOB3rd-49 YOB3rd-62YOB3rd-62 YOB3rd-66YOB3rd-66 YOB3rd-85YOB3rd-85 YOB3rd-107YOB3rd-107 YOB3rd-117YOB3rd-117 YOB3rd-124YOB3rd-124 YOB3rd-130YOB3rd-130 YOB3rd-142YOB3rd-142 YOB3rd-144YOB3rd-144 YOB3rd-163YOB3rd-163 YOB3rd-182YOB3rd-182 YOB3rd-187YOB3rd-187 YOB3rd-196YOB3rd-196 YOB3rd-200YOB3rd-200 YOB3rd-205YOB3rd-205 YOB3rd-223YOB3rd-223 YOB3rd-231YOB3rd-231 YOB3rd-233YOB3rd-233 YOB3rd-261YOB3rd-261 YOB3rd-270YOB3rd-270 YOB3rd-297YOB3rd-297 YOB3rd-303YOB3rd-303 YOB3rd-311YOB3rd-311 YOB3rd-315YOB3rd-315 YOB3rd-318YOB3rd-318 YOB3rd-321YOB3rd-321 YOB3rd-372YOB3rd-372 YOB3rd-392YOB3rd-392 YOB3rd-399YOB3rd-399 YOB3rd-405YOB3rd-405 YOB3rd-408YOB3rd-408 YOB3rd-419YOB3rd-419 YOB3rd-432YOB3rd-432


(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin austin photographer empire garage live music y'all out boy yob Wed, 29 Sep 2021 17:14:57 GMT
Y'all Out Boy @ Austin, TX at Empire Garage (pt 2) YOB_E-299YOB_E-299

Who: Y'all Out Boy
When: June 19th, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Empire Garage

Back for round two, and don't worry - there is still a third post coming up! I got to come back and photograph Y'all About Boy again at Empire Garage, and they sure as hell didn't disappoint. It was another wild crowd, and I even got some killer shots of Dave crowd surfing.

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below! If you are a band or musician in the Austin area and need some great live show shots, be sure to reach out to me so we can get something setup!

Click Here For Gallery View!

YOB_E-8YOB_E-8 YOB_E-10YOB_E-10 YOB_E-13YOB_E-13 YOB_E-14YOB_E-14 YOB_E-16YOB_E-16 YOB_E-18YOB_E-18 YOB_E-28YOB_E-28 YOB_E-34YOB_E-34 YOB_E-37YOB_E-37 YOB_E-46YOB_E-46 YOB_E-51YOB_E-51 YOB_E-63YOB_E-63 YOB_E-68YOB_E-68 YOB_E-71YOB_E-71 YOB_E-94YOB_E-94 YOB_E-106YOB_E-106 YOB_E-111YOB_E-111 YOB_E-129YOB_E-129 YOB_E-138YOB_E-138 YOB_E-147YOB_E-147 YOB_E-154YOB_E-154 YOB_E-173YOB_E-173 YOB_E-176YOB_E-176 YOB_E-191YOB_E-191 YOB_E-201YOB_E-201 YOB_E-202YOB_E-202 YOB_E-206YOB_E-206 YOB_E-219YOB_E-219 YOB_E-270YOB_E-270 YOB_E-285YOB_E-285 YOB_E-286YOB_E-286 YOB_E-295YOB_E-295 YOB_E-299YOB_E-299 YOB_E-313YOB_E-313 YOB_E-327YOB_E-327 YOB_E-332YOB_E-332

(The Vinyl Lens) concert empire garage live music y'all out boy Wed, 29 Sep 2021 17:07:53 GMT
Jesse's Haircuts & Headshots | Fundraising Event HnH-16HnH-16

I've met lots of really cool people in the car enthusiast world. When I first got my Mustang, I saw someone in front of me at Round Rock Donuts with an Instagram tag decal, so I gave them a follow, and eventually that led me to joining my first car club. In that club, I met Jesse. Jesse drives a killer yellow Corvette, and just knows so damn much about cars. He was always answering questions and lending a hand in people needing to install mods or do other repairs.

It was devastating to learn that he found out he got diagnosed with cancer. We held a couple of fundraisers to help him get the money needed for his surgeries, and one of those events was this Haircuts + Headshots that my friend Ace (Reunion Barbershop) and I hosted. People came in for barber services or a headshot (or both!), and paid what they wanted as a donation to Jesse's fundraiser. Lots of great people came in and it was a total success!

Below are some of my favorite images from the day:

Click Here For Gallery View!

HnH-1HnH-1 HnH-7HnH-7 HnH-12HnH-12 HnH-14HnH-14 HnH-16HnH-16 HnH-18HnH-18 HnH-19HnH-19 HnH-28HnH-28 HnH-32HnH-32

(The Vinyl Lens) barber haircuts headshots reunion barbershop Wed, 29 Sep 2021 14:16:52 GMT
Ace's Haircuts & Headshots | Fundraising Event HCHS-86HCHS-86

My friend Ace, the founder and owner of Reunion Barbershop, and one of my best friends since 3rd grade, tested positive for the gene that gives her a 90% chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Not the line I'd typically want to start a blog post off with, but the event that we created to help pay for some of the medical bills and downtime was a big success, and the impact it had really made a difference.

Ace, her shop, and I hosted an event called Haircuts + Headshots in the past for my friend Jesse who was diagnosed with cancer. We let people come in for barber services and headshots and let them decide how much to pay as a way to raise funds. We brought it back when it was time for her to get her preventative surgeries, and found it successful yet again!

Below are some favorites from the photos I took that day. 

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Chandler & The Bings @ Austin, TX @ Speakeasy CaTB-220CaTB-220

Who: Chandler & The Bings
When: June 11th, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Speakeasy

I first listened to Chandler & The Bings at a Circle of Soul Block Party hosted by Circle Brew, and I was blown away by not just their musicianship and talent, but how well they put their own spin on some classic 90's pop songs. It wasn't a grunge and alternative cover band - they did the songs you would hear from Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and other big pop groups!

They invited me out to come shoot their set at Speakeasy, and the crowd and energy were freakin' GREAT! 

Check out some of my favorite photos from the shoot below, and be sure to hit me up if you are a band looking for some stellar concert photos!

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CaTB-1CaTB-1 CaTB-6CaTB-6 CaTB-7CaTB-7 CaTB-11CaTB-11 CaTB-12CaTB-12 CaTB-33CaTB-33 CaTB-36CaTB-36 CaTB-39CaTB-39 CaTB-54CaTB-54 CaTB-66CaTB-66 CaTB-78CaTB-78 CaTB-85CaTB-85 CaTB-92CaTB-92 CaTB-100CaTB-100 CaTB-112CaTB-112 CaTB-118CaTB-118 CaTB-145CaTB-145 CaTB-179CaTB-179 CaTB-184CaTB-184 CaTB-189CaTB-189 CaTB-193CaTB-193 CaTB-196CaTB-196 CaTB-202CaTB-202 CaTB-218CaTB-218 CaTB-220CaTB-220 CaTB-238CaTB-238 CaTB-244CaTB-244 CaTB-256CaTB-256 CaTB-258CaTB-258 CaTB-276CaTB-276 CaTB-298CaTB-298 CaTB-306CaTB-306 CaTB-354CaTB-354


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Horn-Ball Tailgaters | UT vs Louisiana HBTG-1HBTG-1

My first tailgating experience was when I first started hanging out with my wife about 5 or 6 years ago. We went with some friends to a random tailgating event, ate some great food, had some drinks, and endured the heat. Since then, I haven't gone to a single tailgating event despite really wanting to.

So imagine my delight when I put in my bid and got chosen to photograph and take video of Horn-Ball Tailgaters' events! I get to be there every home game this season capturing the crowds and antics.

Check out the photos below to see what these events are all about, and come out to the next one!

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Horn-Ball Tailgaters | UT vs Rice HBTG-35HBTG-35

I put a big emphasis on groups of people at this tailgating event by Horn-Ball Tailgating because the crowd was just AWESOME! Lots of people came out to support the team and have a good time. Plus, it was my first time seeing the Twin Peaks girls bust out the SHOT CHAIR! 

Check out some of the photos from this event below!

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(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin football horn-ball tailgaters longhorns tailgating texas tech university of texas ut Mon, 27 Sep 2021 00:35:23 GMT
Horn-Ball Tailgaters | UT vs Texas Tech HBTG925-90HBTG925-90

I love UT fans. It doesn't matter that the game started at 11am, and that Horn-Ball Tailgaters started their event at 8am. These fans are LOYAL! Despites the early start time, people were in line, getting their Bloody Mary's and sporting all their UT gear to support our boys.

Never let anyone tell you that 10am is not a good time to sit in the Twin Peaks shot chair, either!


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Cameron & Marina | Newborn CMQ-8CMQ-8

Ah, Cameron and Marina! It wasn't too long ago that I was photographing their wedding, and now they've brought a new bundle of joy into the world. They actually saw my photography package at a silent auction for Todos Juntos and placed a bid! It was a wonderful surprise to hear from them, and to hear that they welcomed baby Quentin to their family.

We went for more of a lifestyle shoot at their home, and I am really happy with how it turned out. Check out some of my favorites from our session below, and contact me if you're needing new photos of your family!

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CMQ-4CMQ-4 CMQ-5CMQ-5 CMQ-6CMQ-6 CMQ-8CMQ-8 CMQ-10CMQ-10 CMQ-23CMQ-23 CMQ-39CMQ-39 CMQ-45CMQ-45 CMQ-50CMQ-50

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Melissa & Ed | Family Portraits MEEE_Fam-55MEEE_Fam-55

It's about that time of year! I've been photographing Melissa and Ed's growing family for nearly a decade, and this time we met up at a nearby park to get some new family photos of them and the kiddos. 

I love the spot they picked out! Lots of greenery, near the water, a fun playground for some candids of the kids. And of course, they are all looking as beautiful as ever. 

Check out some of my favorites below! And if you need some updated family portraits, be sure to reach out to me using the contact page so we can schedule something soon!

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MEEE_Fam-1MEEE_Fam-1 MEEE_Fam-10MEEE_Fam-10 MEEE_Fam-32MEEE_Fam-32 MEEE_Fam-38MEEE_Fam-38 MEEE_Fam-40MEEE_Fam-40 MEEE_Fam-46MEEE_Fam-46 MEEE_Fam-49MEEE_Fam-49 MEEE_Fam-54MEEE_Fam-54 MEEE_Fam-55MEEE_Fam-55 MEEE_Fam-62MEEE_Fam-62 MEEE_Fam-66MEEE_Fam-66

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Lauren | Maternity LD_MAT-15LD_MAT-15

Postponed once due to weather, and then almost again because we had a day forecasted to be full of rain. But baby was almost here! So we said screw it, and did the shoot with a little bit of rain coming down.

I took Lauren and Josh over to the Southwestern University building because there is a path that is covered in trees (pretty AND stops some of the drizzle), and I thought it would be the perfect backdrop for their maternity shoot. I am really happy with how the photos came out despite having to battle a foggy lens (thanks, humidity). Check out my favorites below and if you or someone you know is looking to get maternity photos done, shoot me an email!

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Y'all Out Boy @ Austin, TX @ Empire Garage YOB-98YOB-98

Who: Y'all Out Boy
When: May 28th, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Empire Garage

How have I not seen these guys in the last few years?! Y'all Out Boy wakes up your inner early 2000's kid, belting out hit after hit from pop-punk and emo bands like Fall Out Boy, blink-182, Brand New, Hawthorne Heights, and more!

I had just wrapped up photographing a high school graduation in South Austin, and I was looking for something to do since I was near downtown anyway. My friends Matt and Virginia were downtown about to take video for a band. I mostly jokingly asked them if they could get me in, and to my surprise they worked with the band and I was able to snag myself a press pass. 

And man, am I glad they did!

They put on an incredibly high energy show for a packed venue. Great showmanship, great set list, and it was just a lot of fun to have those feelings of nostalgia while I was clicking away taking photos. I will actually have a part 2 to this coming soon, because I went back to another one of their shows a few weeks later and I was able to get more behind the scenes style shots! So stay tuned.

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below! If you are a band or musician in the Austin area and need some great live show shots, be sure to reach out to me so we can get something setup!

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YOB-2YOB-2 YOB-4YOB-4 YOB-7YOB-7 YOB-12YOB-12 YOB-14YOB-14 YOB-19YOB-19 YOB-25YOB-25 YOB-32YOB-32 YOB-43YOB-43 YOB-52YOB-52 YOB-54YOB-54 YOB-63YOB-63 YOB-74YOB-74 YOB-80YOB-80 YOB-92YOB-92 YOB-98YOB-98 YOB-124YOB-124 YOB-140YOB-140 YOB-144YOB-144


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Leslie & Travis | Family Portraits LTHDRJB-2LTHDRJB-2

Kind of a short and sweet post this time, but I got to visit Leslie & Travis and their beautiful family during Mother's Day weekend to take these photos for them. It had been awhile since I saw the gang (last time was during Hannah's (their daughter) wedding), but without skipping a beat I showed up, enjoyed some Knob Creek while I got the lights setup and caught up with them, and captured these images right before sunset. 

I love these guys. They're incredible personable, hospitable, and just fun to be around. I need to make my way down to their neck of the woods more often. Love y'all!

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Trent Turner and The Moontowers @ Austin, TX at Friends TT_Friends-14TT_Friends-14

Who: Trent Turner and The Moontowers
When: May 21st, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Friends

It had been so long since I got to go downtown to see Trent play. Mask mandates were becoming relaxed, and people were starting to come out again. Trent had a show scheduled at Friends so he invited me out to capture it. It felt SO GOOD to see people having a good time again, and for me to see one of my favorite local musicians. 

Check out some of my favorite shots from the gig below. Are you a band looking for some awesome live shots? Shoot me an email with details of your next show and we'll get something on the books!

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TT_Friends-4TT_Friends-4 TT_Friends-5TT_Friends-5 TT_Friends-9TT_Friends-9 TT_Friends-11TT_Friends-11 TT_Friends-14TT_Friends-14 TT_Friends-16TT_Friends-16 TT_Friends-20TT_Friends-20 TT_Friends-29TT_Friends-29 TT_Friends-33TT_Friends-33 TT_Friends-39TT_Friends-39

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Lori & Ryan | Wedding LRH_Wedding-503LRH_Wedding-503

Lori & Ryan
When: April 3rd, 2021
Ceremony & Reception: Shooting Star Ranch @ Liberty Hill, TX

Where do I start?! This was my first time photographing at Shooting Star Ranch in Liberty Hill. The venue is beautiful! Nestled in the countryside, you'll find a ton of big trees and pretty architecture. The string lights, the long driveway, the rustic architecture... everything just fits really well. Definitely in my Top 10 venue list.

And then there is Lori and Ryan! Both were extremely laid back throughout the day and just let me do my thing, which I am extremely grateful for. I was able to get a ton of beautiful shots of them around the venue, focus on details, and I am really happy with how my photos turned out. There was so much love between these two and their families and friends, and it was all smiles throughout the day.

Check out my favorites below, and contact me if you are looking for a wedding photographer and would like to talk about your big day!

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LRH_Wedding-8LRH_Wedding-8 LRH_Wedding-9LRH_Wedding-9 LRH_Wedding-12LRH_Wedding-12 LRH_Wedding-28LRH_Wedding-28 LRH_Wedding-47LRH_Wedding-47 LRH_Wedding-52LRH_Wedding-52 LRH_Wedding-67LRH_Wedding-67 LRH_Wedding-78LRH_Wedding-78 LRH_Wedding-84LRH_Wedding-84 LRH_Wedding-119LRH_Wedding-119 LRH_Wedding-132LRH_Wedding-132 LRH_Wedding-159LRH_Wedding-159 LRH_Wedding-171LRH_Wedding-171 LRH_Wedding-176LRH_Wedding-176 LRH_Wedding-182LRH_Wedding-182 LRH_Wedding-190LRH_Wedding-190 LRH_Wedding-195LRH_Wedding-195 LRH_Wedding-205LRH_Wedding-205 LRH_Wedding-206LRH_Wedding-206 LRH_Wedding-207LRH_Wedding-207 LRH_Wedding-212LRH_Wedding-212 LRH_Wedding-222LRH_Wedding-222 LRH_Wedding-228LRH_Wedding-228 LRH_Wedding-240LRH_Wedding-240 LRH_Wedding-247LRH_Wedding-247 LRH_Wedding-257LRH_Wedding-257 LRH_Wedding-259LRH_Wedding-259 LRH_Wedding-269LRH_Wedding-269 LRH_Wedding-273LRH_Wedding-273 LRH_Wedding-275LRH_Wedding-275 LRH_Wedding-287LRH_Wedding-287 LRH_Wedding-332LRH_Wedding-332 LRH_Wedding-343LRH_Wedding-343 LRH_Wedding-350LRH_Wedding-350 LRH_Wedding-357LRH_Wedding-357 LRH_Wedding-360LRH_Wedding-360 LRH_Wedding-371LRH_Wedding-371 LRH_Wedding-391LRH_Wedding-391 LRH_Wedding-402LRH_Wedding-402 LRH_Wedding-404LRH_Wedding-404 LRH_Wedding-418LRH_Wedding-418 LRH_Wedding-423LRH_Wedding-423 LRH_Wedding-429LRH_Wedding-429 LRH_Wedding-488LRH_Wedding-488 LRH_Wedding-489LRH_Wedding-489 LRH_Wedding-490LRH_Wedding-490 LRH_Wedding-495LRH_Wedding-495 LRH_Wedding-496LRH_Wedding-496 LRH_Wedding-497LRH_Wedding-497 LRH_Wedding-502LRH_Wedding-502 LRH_Wedding-503LRH_Wedding-503 LRH_Wedding-536LRH_Wedding-536 LRH_Wedding-542LRH_Wedding-542 LRH_Wedding-548LRH_Wedding-548 LRH_Wedding-552LRH_Wedding-552 LRH_Wedding-573LRH_Wedding-573 LRH_Wedding-580LRH_Wedding-580 LRH_Wedding-585LRH_Wedding-585 LRH_Wedding-593LRH_Wedding-593 LRH_Wedding-604LRH_Wedding-604 LRH_Wedding-609LRH_Wedding-609 LRH_Wedding-628LRH_Wedding-628 LRH_Wedding-646LRH_Wedding-646 LRH_Wedding-658LRH_Wedding-658 LRH_Wedding-667LRH_Wedding-667 LRH_Wedding-677LRH_Wedding-677 LRH_Wedding-683LRH_Wedding-683 LRH_Wedding-729LRH_Wedding-729 LRH_Wedding-734LRH_Wedding-734 LRH_Wedding-744LRH_Wedding-744 LRH_Wedding-775LRH_Wedding-775 LRH_Wedding-779LRH_Wedding-779 LRH_Wedding-798LRH_Wedding-798 LRH_Wedding-818LRH_Wedding-818

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Christian | Motorcycle Rollers & Portraits CD_MOTO-49CD_MOTO-49

This was a bit of a two-for where we did some headshots, as well as a showcase of Christian's new bike!

I brought my portable backdrop to the parking garage we met at, and I took some headshot style photos to show off his get-up. Afterwards, we went upstairs to the top of the garage and got some very scenic shots of the bike, going around and getting some of the tiny details. 

Then my favorite part came up - the rolling shots. I have a pretty solid route for when I do downtown rollers. Lots of great scenes were captured during our session this time. What do you think?!

If you need headshots, or photos of your fun vehicle, hit me up and let's set something up!

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Sierra & Thomas | Wedding STW-170STW-170

Sierra & Thomas
When: March 20th, 2021
Ceremony & Reception: Chapel Dulcinea @ Austin, TX

This was a short and sweet wedding at Chapel Dulcinea that I shot for this wonderful couple from the Houston area. I met up with Sierra and her wedding party at their AirBnB to capture some photos of them getting ready before we did the drive over to Chapel Dulcinea. 

When we got to the chapel, I got to finally meet Thomas and hang out with him for a little bit while everyone got their finishing touches done. The ceremony was short, sweet, and beautiful (you know those views from the chapel are breathtaking), and we got to take some time afterward to take some photos afterwards on the chapel grounds.

Check out some of my favorites from the day below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding!:

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STW-13STW-13 STW-16STW-16 STW-38STW-38 STW-39STW-39 STW-41STW-41 STW-45STW-45 STW-60STW-60 STW-65STW-65 STW-79STW-79 STW-88STW-88 STW-94STW-94 STW-100STW-100 STW-102STW-102 STW-104STW-104 STW-107STW-107 STW-110STW-110 STW-116STW-116 STW-120STW-120 STW-142STW-142 STW-143STW-143 STW-145STW-145 STW-146STW-146 STW-153STW-153 STW-158STW-158 STW-165STW-165 STW-170STW-170 STW-173STW-173 STW-176STW-176

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Sound Shed AV Solutions | Company Portraits SSAS_Team-102SSAS_Team-102

My friend Matt does amazing work. I've been friends with him since high school when we were both getting into playing guitar. I had just been hooked up with a BC Rich Warlock that I was pining for, and I had no idea how to really play anything. Matt and a couple mutual friends and I got together a few times to try and jam, whatever that meant when you only know a few chords and pop riffs. 

A lot has changed since high school! Matt went on to form and play in different bands, built out his own recording studio, and basically became an AV god. One of his most recent endeavors was to build out Joe Rogan's podcast studio when Joe moved into Austin. 

From there, things just blew up! And now Matt has assembled a great team to do other builds, and that's why we took these photos. Going for an 80's/90's cheesy portrait aesthetic, I setup a huge backdrop in a warehouse and setup the lighting. Matt and team came prepared with different outfits and props, and we knocked this shoot out. Everyone looked great, and I think we really got that JC Penny feel in these photos.

Be on the look out for more projects being done by Sound Shed AV Solutions! These photos will be featured on their website soon! And check out some of my favorites from the shoot below:


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SSAS_Team-5SSAS_Team-5 SSAS_Team-12SSAS_Team-12 SSAS_Team-13SSAS_Team-13 SSAS_Team-16SSAS_Team-16 SSAS_Team-20SSAS_Team-20 SSAS_Team-28SSAS_Team-28 SSAS_Team-36SSAS_Team-36 SSAS_Team-42SSAS_Team-42 SSAS_Team-48SSAS_Team-48 SSAS_Team-57SSAS_Team-57 SSAS_Team-62SSAS_Team-62 SSAS_Team-70SSAS_Team-70 SSAS_Team-79SSAS_Team-79 SSAS_Team-81SSAS_Team-81 SSAS_Team-82SSAS_Team-82 SSAS_Team-86SSAS_Team-86 SSAS_Team-102SSAS_Team-102

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Paul | Challenger Rollers PM_Rollers-47PM_Rollers-47

I love clean black cars, and Paul's Challenger is no exception. Purchased as a birthday gift from his wife, we setup this rolling shot session for Paul and his Challenger, and this thing is a beaut!

We did my the shots at my favorite spot - along 360. It's such a beautiful mix of hill country and roads. You get some shots with the bridge, some of 2222 while crossing over it, some cool spots with big waving American flags in the background, carved out rock, and more.

Check out my favorite shots from the session below, and hit me up when you're ready to get some awesome rolling shots of your own!

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PM_Rollers-1PM_Rollers-1 PM_Rollers-5PM_Rollers-5 PM_Rollers-13PM_Rollers-13 PM_Rollers-20PM_Rollers-20 PM_Rollers-27PM_Rollers-27 PM_Rollers-45PM_Rollers-45 PM_Rollers-47PM_Rollers-47 PM_Rollers-48PM_Rollers-48 PM_Rollers-53PM_Rollers-53 PM_Rollers-55PM_Rollers-55 PM_Rollers-63PM_Rollers-63 PM_Rollers-76PM_Rollers-76 PM_Rollers-79PM_Rollers-79 PM_Rollers-84PM_Rollers-84 PM_Rollers-27PM_Rollers-27

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Lone Star Squad | Group Shots LSS_GS-40LSS_GS-40

Several weeks ago, I got together with my car group, Lone Star Squad. We went right into the middle of downtown Austin to the top level of a parking garage and had ourselves a photo shoot. The shots below are the ones I took, but we had a couple photographers there.

It was just fun getting to hang out with the guys and gals that make up this great group. Can you guess how much horsepower is in the photo above? I'll give you a hint... it's over 4,000 HP!

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Hair Metal Giants @ Austin, TX at Shooters HMG-81HMG-81

Who: Hair Metal Giants
When: January 8th, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Shooters

Big hair. Loud guitar. Leather pants. Amps turned to 11. What wasn't awesome about the 80's hair metal scene? Hair Metal Giants is here to keep that vibe alive. They are a tribute band to all the greats of the 80's from Def Leppard to Motley Crue hailing from Austin, TX and they bring the goods!

Since I upgraded to the new Nikon Z6ii, I wanted to put it to the test so I reached out to some local bands to see who was playing in the near future. These guys hit me up and let me know about this show they had, and I was stoked to be invited.

I really loved how the camera performed, and the show itself was just a ton of fun to watch and experience. Really great show, guys! Can't wait to see y'all again in the future. Check out my favorites below!:

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HMG-24HMG-24 HMG-1HMG-1 HMG-10HMG-10 HMG-32HMG-32 HMG-30HMG-30 HMG-36HMG-36 HMG-17HMG-17 HMG-64HMG-64 HMG-70HMG-70 HMG-42HMG-42 HMG-48HMG-48 HMG-84HMG-84 HMG-75HMG-75 HMG-87HMG-87 HMG-81HMG-81 HMG-92HMG-92 HMG-104HMG-104 HMG-95HMG-95 HMG-15HMG-15

(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin austin photographer concert hair metal giants live music shooters Mon, 22 Feb 2021 02:17:41 GMT
Jessica | Family Portraits JC_FP-12JC_FP-12

Jessica & Isiah
Memorial Park @ Round Rock, TX

This was such a sweet shoot to do because it has been so long since I've seen my friend Jessica! I was always really close friends with her, having first met her back in middle school. The last time I saw her, her son was still a baby!

So we met up at Memorial Park, and it was pretty cloudy and foggy that day. Luckily the fog wasn't too bad, but the ambient light was absolute perfection. I carried around a single speedlight with my big ol' 48" umbrella, and captured these lovely shots from different spots around the park.

It was just so nice to be able to catch up and see her son growing up - it's also so great to have rekindled our friendship! Check out some of my favorite shots from our session below, and don't forget to reach out to me if you need some updated family photos yourself!

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(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin austin photographer family memorial park mother and son round rock Fri, 12 Feb 2021 00:47:13 GMT
Melissa & Ed | Christmas Portraits MEA_Holiday2020-8MEA_Holiday2020-8

Melissa, Ed, and Family
Central Park @ Austin, TX

Merry Christmas, y'all! I met up with Melissa and Ed and their beautiful family to capture some photos for the holidays at Central Park in downtown Austin. They came prepared with Santa hats and (as always) looking their best.

It was nice to have a little normalcy to start wrapping up 2020. Seeing familiar friends, getting to catch up between shots, walking around and getting photos of their kids playing, and doing what I love to do...couldn't ask for more!

Check out some of my favorites from the shoot below, and have a happy and safe holiday out there!

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MEA_Holiday2020-1MEA_Holiday2020-1 MEA_Holiday2020-4MEA_Holiday2020-4 MEA_Holiday2020-5MEA_Holiday2020-5 MEA_Holiday2020-8MEA_Holiday2020-8 MEA_Holiday2020-9MEA_Holiday2020-9 MEA_Holiday2020-14MEA_Holiday2020-14 MEA_Holiday2020-20MEA_Holiday2020-20 MEA_Holiday2020-22MEA_Holiday2020-22 MEA_Holiday2020-25MEA_Holiday2020-25 MEA_Holiday2020-31MEA_Holiday2020-31

(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin austin photographer austin wedding photographer central market central park family photographer Fri, 25 Dec 2020 15:42:35 GMT
Country-ish Showcase @ Austin, TX at Sahara Lounge CISH-105CISH-105

Who: Country(ish) Showcase ft. Texas Tilly, Megan Lacy, Stac3y Bell, and Annie Davis
When: December 9th, 2020
Where: Austin, TX @ Sahara Lounge

One of the major reasons for my rebranding to The Vinyl Lens was because I wanted to do more music and concert photography. I had a lot of plans for 2020 before COVID-19 hit. So many great shows were rolling through Austin, and I wanted to photograph all of them! But shutdowns and all had different plans, so it has now been several months since I've gotten to photograph a live show.

Then I got a new camera body, and some small venues were opening up for smaller, socially distanced crowds. So I put some feelers out there to see if any local bands needed some photos so I could swing by and test out the new gear, and Stac3y Bell came to my rescue.

She told me about a showcase she was hosting at Sahara Lounge that could use some photography, and I jumped on it. So glad I did! Not only am I really happy with how this camera performs in such low light conditions, but each artist that performed was great. Just really chilled, heartfelt lyrics in this dark dive bar - it was nice. Plus, without a big crowd and all, I was able to hone in and take my time getting some of these shots.

Check out my favorites below, and let me know if your band is in need of some live show or promo photos!

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Jay | Porsche 911 Turbo S Rollers JH911TS-27JH911TS-27

Oo-freakin-wee! I recently upgraded my camera body, so I've been doing some test shoots to make sure I know how to do everything I need to do. I posted up on one of the local car groups on Facebook I am in and invited anyone with an interesting car to comment for a free rolling shot session.

Well, lucky me, someone with my dream car responded. I set up a quick shoot with Jay, the owner of this gorgeous Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, and we took these awesome rollers over in Round Rock. This car is just insanely beautiful. I do see this model around town sometimes while cruising, but it's something else when you finally get to take some up close and personal photos of it.

Check out some of my favorites from our session below, and hit me up using my contact form when you're ready to get photos of YOUR cool car!

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JH911TS-2JH911TS-2 JH911TS-3JH911TS-3 JH911TS-4JH911TS-4 JH911TS-8JH911TS-8 JH911TS-13JH911TS-13 JH911TS-16JH911TS-16 JH911TS-27JH911TS-27

(The Vinyl Lens) 911 turbo atx austin austin photographer cars exotic p car porsche rollers rolling shots Wed, 23 Dec 2020 17:19:46 GMT
Rocio | Shelby Portraits RS-Solo-14RS-Solo-14

Portraits with Shelby
Downtown Austin

I originally met Rocio because she was looking for a wedding photographer, but before the big day she wanted to do a portrait shoot of just her and a car. So I reached out to my car group, Lone Star Squad, to see if anyone from there would be willing to let us use their car. My buddy David pulled through, so all three of us got together at an parking garage smack dab in the middle of downtown and we took these shots as the sun was setting.

This was a really fun shoot! Rocio was a natural model, and we got so many great shots of her. Check out some of my favorites below, and reach out to me if you'd like to do a shoot like this, too!:

Click Here For Gallery View!

RS-Solo-3RS-Solo-3 RS-Solo-4RS-Solo-4 RS-Solo-6RS-Solo-6 RS-Solo-9RS-Solo-9 RS-Solo-10RS-Solo-10 RS-Solo-13RS-Solo-13 RS-Solo-14RS-Solo-14 RS-Solo-20RS-Solo-20 RS-Solo-22RS-Solo-22 RS-Solo-27RS-Solo-27 RS-Solo-53RS-Solo-53

(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin austin photographer car photography downtown ford model mustang shelby gt350 skyline Tue, 22 Dec 2020 14:02:02 GMT
Debbi & Michael | Wedding DMT_Wedding-541DMT_Wedding-541

Debbi & Michael
When: November 7th, 2020
Ceremony & Reception: Twisted Ranch @ Bertram, TX

This wedding is one where I really got to showcase how much more comfortable I've been getting doing single light portraits at sunset and dusk. It all kind of just came together, and I am glad we were at Twisted Ranch for it. It doesn't get a whole lot more scenic than this place!

I met Michael and Debbi through a referral from Holly (my go to second shooter for weddings), and I felt so lucky to be a part of their wedding. We spent most of the day at Twisted Ranch to capture everything from them getting ready to their last dance. There was just so much to take photos of! Lots of cool scenery and things to do... as much fun as I was having as the photographer, I know they and their guests were having even more of a blast.

Now I just gotta find some shin guards so I can join these two in some indoor soccer.

Check out some of my favorites from the day below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding!:

Click Here For Gallery View!

DMT_Wedding-1DMT_Wedding-1 DMT_Wedding-2DMT_Wedding-2 DMT_Wedding-3DMT_Wedding-3 DMT_Wedding-11DMT_Wedding-11 DMT_Wedding-28DMT_Wedding-28 DMT_Wedding-38DMT_Wedding-38 DMT_Wedding-39DMT_Wedding-39 DMT_Wedding-42DMT_Wedding-42 DMT_Wedding-58DMT_Wedding-58 DMT_Wedding-62DMT_Wedding-62 DMT_Wedding-63DMT_Wedding-63 DMT_Wedding-64DMT_Wedding-64 DMT_Wedding-70DMT_Wedding-70 DMT_Wedding-72DMT_Wedding-72 DMT_Wedding-74DMT_Wedding-74 DMT_Wedding-78DMT_Wedding-78 DMT_Wedding-81DMT_Wedding-81 DMT_Wedding-84DMT_Wedding-84 DMT_Wedding-86DMT_Wedding-86 DMT_Wedding-87DMT_Wedding-87 DMT_Wedding-88DMT_Wedding-88 DMT_Wedding-89DMT_Wedding-89 DMT_Wedding-90DMT_Wedding-90 DMT_Wedding-99DMT_Wedding-99 DMT_Wedding-101DMT_Wedding-101 DMT_Wedding-111DMT_Wedding-111 DMT_Wedding-116DMT_Wedding-116 DMT_Wedding-145DMT_Wedding-145 DMT_Wedding-146DMT_Wedding-146 DMT_Wedding-179DMT_Wedding-179 DMT_Wedding-183DMT_Wedding-183 DMT_Wedding-184DMT_Wedding-184 DMT_Wedding-191DMT_Wedding-191 DMT_Wedding-192DMT_Wedding-192 DMT_Wedding-210DMT_Wedding-210 DMT_Wedding-219DMT_Wedding-219 DMT_Wedding-233DMT_Wedding-233 DMT_Wedding-248DMT_Wedding-248 DMT_Wedding-251DMT_Wedding-251 DMT_Wedding-288DMT_Wedding-288 DMT_Wedding-296DMT_Wedding-296 DMT_Wedding-330DMT_Wedding-330 DMT_Wedding-347DMT_Wedding-347 DMT_Wedding-352DMT_Wedding-352 DMT_Wedding-359DMT_Wedding-359 DMT_Wedding-361DMT_Wedding-361 DMT_Wedding-371DMT_Wedding-371 DMT_Wedding-382DMT_Wedding-382 DMT_Wedding-392DMT_Wedding-392 DMT_Wedding-448DMT_Wedding-448 DMT_Wedding-468DMT_Wedding-468 DMT_Wedding-471DMT_Wedding-471 DMT_Wedding-473DMT_Wedding-473 DMT_Wedding-484DMT_Wedding-484 DMT_Wedding-486DMT_Wedding-486 DMT_Wedding-493DMT_Wedding-493 DMT_Wedding-541DMT_Wedding-541 DMT_Wedding-549DMT_Wedding-549 DMT_Wedding-553DMT_Wedding-553 DMT_Wedding-561DMT_Wedding-561 DMT_Wedding-567DMT_Wedding-567 DMT_Wedding-612DMT_Wedding-612 DMT_Wedding-617DMT_Wedding-617 DMT_Wedding-625DMT_Wedding-625 DMT_Wedding-654DMT_Wedding-654 DMT_Wedding-663DMT_Wedding-663 DMT_Wedding-688DMT_Wedding-688 DMT_Wedding-693DMT_Wedding-693 DMT_Wedding-714DMT_Wedding-714 DMT_Wedding-717DMT_Wedding-717 DMT_Wedding-742DMT_Wedding-742 DMT_Wedding-748DMT_Wedding-748 DMT_Wedding-751DMT_Wedding-751 DMT_Wedding-759DMT_Wedding-759 DMT_Wedding-765DMT_Wedding-765 DMT_Wedding-771DMT_Wedding-771 DMT_Wedding-777DMT_Wedding-777 DMT_Wedding-801DMT_Wedding-801 DMT_Wedding-807DMT_Wedding-807 DMT_Wedding-815DMT_Wedding-815 DMT_Wedding-864DMT_Wedding-864 DMT_Wedding-884DMT_Wedding-884 DMT_Wedding-896DMT_Wedding-896 DMT_Wedding-899DMT_Wedding-899 DMT_Wedding-900DMT_Wedding-900 DMT_Wedding-901DMT_Wedding-901 DMT_Wedding-917DMT_Wedding-917 DMT_Wedding-920DMT_Wedding-920 DMT_Wedding-927DMT_Wedding-927 DMT_Wedding-963DMT_Wedding-963 DMT_Wedding-980DMT_Wedding-980 DMT_Wedding-993DMT_Wedding-993

(The Vinyl Lens) austin wedding photographer bertram soccer twisted ranch wedding Mon, 21 Dec 2020 17:55:08 GMT
Edge Addicts | Track Racing EA-282EA-282

There is a great group of folks over at Edge Addicts who hold track days at Circuit of the Americas. People can sign up for instruction and sessions to take their cars onto the track and put their cars to the task of besting their own times at COTA.

I got to take my camera to one of these events and photograph a few people from my car group (and a bunch of others who were on the track). I had a blast seeing some of my favorite makes and models rip around the corners and make a bunch of engine noises... oh, and I suppose I liked capturing photos of it all, too!

Check out some of my favorites from sessions I recently went to below!

Click Here For Gallery View!

EA-59EA-59 EA-72EA-72 EA-205EA-205 EA-282EA-282 EA-284EA-284 EA-285EA-285 EA-363EA-363 EA-378EA-378 EA-386EA-386 EA-388EA-388 EA-392EA-392 TGT-2TGT-2 TGT-4TGT-4 TGT-5TGT-5 TGT-6TGT-6 TGT-10TGT-10 TGT-11TGT-11 TGT-14TGT-14 TGT-16TGT-16 TGT-20TGT-20 TGT-21TGT-21 TGT-24TGT-24 TGT-25TGT-25 TGT-28TGT-28

(The Vinyl Lens) cars chevrolet circuit of the americas corvette cota ford mercedes porsche racing track Mon, 21 Dec 2020 03:09:53 GMT
Whimsical Sekrits - Austin, TX @ Sekrit Theater WS-124WS-124

Who: Whimsical Sekrits
When: November 15th, 2020
Where: Austin, TX @ Sekrit Theater

Man! It has been awhile since I've gotten to photograph performance art, and it felt great! With the shutdowns and all, most shows have been canceled. However, this Whimsical Sekrits show did something awesome - they took the show online and streamed it via Twitch! So they still got a nice online crowd to watch, and I got to be there to photograph it in person.

This was also my first time to the Sekrit Theater. I had heard about it many times, but never got to see it in person. It's kind of hard to explain... it's basically someone's big backyard, and there's just a lot of stuff back there. A non-running school bus, a big projector screen, a gazebo, a green house, and a bunch more. It's kind of a photographer's dream. It's incredibly charming and almost seems magical in an Alice in Wonderland type of way.

The production itself was a lot of fun, too. It had a little bit of everything from aerial performers, pole dancing, to fire spinning. If you are familiar with my work, you know I love capturing people playing with fire.

Check out some of my favorites from the show below! And if you know someone in the performance arts who needs a photographer for a show, send them this post!

Click Here For Gallery View!

WS-2WS-2 WS-3WS-3 WS-5WS-5 WS-6WS-6 WS-10WS-10 WS-11WS-11 WS-17WS-17 WS-20WS-20 WS-22WS-22 WS-26WS-26 WS-32WS-32 WS-37WS-37 WS-38WS-38 WS-42WS-42 WS-52WS-52 WS-56WS-56 WS-61WS-61 WS-67WS-67 WS-74WS-74 WS-78WS-78 WS-79WS-79 WS-84WS-84 WS-86WS-86 WS-96WS-96 WS-110WS-110 WS-116WS-116 WS-120WS-120 WS-124WS-124 WS-126WS-126 WS-127WS-127 WS-131WS-131 WS-134WS-134 WS-146WS-146 WS-148WS-148 WS-150WS-150 WS-171WS-171 WS-175WS-175 WS-177WS-177 WS-179WS-179 WS-183WS-183 WS-197WS-197 WS-200WS-200 WS-204WS-204 WS-209WS-209 WS-214WS-214 WS-215WS-215 WS-224WS-224 WS-234WS-234 WS-235WS-235 WS-237WS-237 WS-248WS-248 WS-261WS-261 WS-266WS-266 WS-267WS-267 WS-277WS-277 WS-280WS-280 WS-282WS-282 WS-284WS-284 WS-286WS-286 WS-287WS-287 WS-300WS-300 WS-302WS-302 WS-304WS-304 WS-312WS-312 WS-316WS-316 WS-319WS-319 WS-321WS-321 WS-323WS-323 WS-326WS-326 WS-328WS-328 WS-335WS-335 WS-340WS-340 WS-343WS-343 WS-345WS-345 WS-346WS-346 WS-347WS-347 WS-350WS-350 WS-352WS-352 WS-355WS-355 WS-358WS-358

(The Vinyl Lens) aerial performance fire fire spinning performance performance art pole dance sekrit theater trapeze whimsical sekrits Sat, 19 Dec 2020 16:54:08 GMT
Kay & Michael | Wedding KM_Wedding-218KM_Wedding-218

Kay & Michael
When: October 10th, 2020
Ceremony & Reception: Private Residence

This was my second wedding where I got to shoot alongside Everett. This pandemic has moved a lot of weddings into backyards and smaller venues, which I've actually been enjoying getting to photograph! It makes for a more intimate occasion.

My duty was to hang out with Michael and his groomsmen for most of the afternoon. It was nice getting to geek out about Dungeons & Dragons with someone for awhile! On top of that, they had a really wonderful wedding with close family, and everything turned out beautiful.

Check out some of my favorites from the day below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding!:

Click Here For Gallery View!

KM_Wedding-20KM_Wedding-20 KM_Wedding-40KM_Wedding-40 KM_Wedding-41KM_Wedding-41 KM_Wedding-45KM_Wedding-45 KM_Wedding-50KM_Wedding-50 KM_Wedding-56KM_Wedding-56 KM_Wedding-57KM_Wedding-57 KM_Wedding-63KM_Wedding-63 KM_Wedding-65KM_Wedding-65 KM_Wedding-67KM_Wedding-67 KM_Wedding-69KM_Wedding-69 KM_Wedding-71KM_Wedding-71 KM_Wedding-75KM_Wedding-75 KM_Wedding-76KM_Wedding-76 KM_Wedding-81KM_Wedding-81 KM_Wedding-83KM_Wedding-83 KM_Wedding-89KM_Wedding-89 KM_Wedding-93KM_Wedding-93 KM_Wedding-105KM_Wedding-105 KM_Wedding-106KM_Wedding-106 KM_Wedding-107KM_Wedding-107 KM_Wedding-108KM_Wedding-108 KM_Wedding-114KM_Wedding-114 KM_Wedding-126KM_Wedding-126 KM_Wedding-131KM_Wedding-131 KM_Wedding-142KM_Wedding-142 KM_Wedding-149KM_Wedding-149 KM_Wedding-159KM_Wedding-159 KM_Wedding-160KM_Wedding-160 KM_Wedding-174KM_Wedding-174 KM_Wedding-175KM_Wedding-175 KM_Wedding-180KM_Wedding-180 KM_Wedding-185KM_Wedding-185 KM_Wedding-198KM_Wedding-198 KM_Wedding-199KM_Wedding-199 KM_Wedding-204KM_Wedding-204 KM_Wedding-218KM_Wedding-218 KM_Wedding-232KM_Wedding-232 KM_Wedding-234KM_Wedding-234 KM_Wedding-235KM_Wedding-235 KM_Wedding-242KM_Wedding-242 KM_Wedding-243KM_Wedding-243 KM_Wedding-276KM_Wedding-276

(The Vinyl Lens) atx austin austin photographer austin wedding photographer backyard wedding Fri, 18 Dec 2020 14:55:38 GMT
Little River Test N Tune | Drag Races LRD-67LRD-67

I finally took my camera over to Little River Dragway to take some photos of the races. Nearly every weekend, they have a Test N Tune event, so you see pretty much every kind of thing with four wheels seeing what kind of numbers they can put down. Not many better ways to spend a Friday night!

Below you'll see some of my favorites from the night. It is really tough to take photos this time of year because it gets dark so early. It really puts your camera gear to the test!

Click Here For Gallery View!

LRD-2LRD-2 LRD-3LRD-3 LRD-4LRD-4 LRD-5LRD-5 LRD-7LRD-7 LRD-9LRD-9 LRD-10LRD-10 LRD-12LRD-12 LRD-15LRD-15 LRD-18LRD-18 LRD-19LRD-19 LRD-20LRD-20 LRD-24LRD-24 LRD-28LRD-28 LRD-31LRD-31 LRD-32LRD-32 LRD-33LRD-33 LRD-34LRD-34 LRD-39LRD-39 LRD-46LRD-46 LRD-49LRD-49 LRD-53LRD-53 LRD-56LRD-56 LRD-59LRD-59 LRD-66LRD-66 LRD-67LRD-67 LRD-75LRD-75 LRD-81LRD-81 LRD-91LRD-91

(The Vinyl Lens) cars drag drag racing drag strip fast little river muscle Fri, 18 Dec 2020 02:53:32 GMT
Breanna & Kevin | Wedding BK_Wedding-208BK_Wedding-208

Breanna & Kevin
When: October 1st, 2020
Ceremony & Reception: The Milestone @ Georgetown, TX

I finally got to second shoot for a wedding photographer that I've been following for awhile, Mr. Everett Christopher at Everett Christopher Photography. The guy is a lighting and Photoshop wiz, and I really wanted to see how he does his weddings.

So for the first time, I got invited to second shoot with him at Breanna and Kevin's wedding! The couple were so great. Their friends and family and themselves were just so happy and lively and ready to party and celebrate. I learned a lot from Everett during the shoot, and really just had a great time in general getting to be a part of this day.

Check out some of my favorites from the day below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding!:

Click Here For Gallery View!

BK_Wedding-2BK_Wedding-2 BK_Wedding-6BK_Wedding-6 BK_Wedding-12BK_Wedding-12 BK_Wedding-15BK_Wedding-15 BK_Wedding-17BK_Wedding-17 BK_Wedding-23BK_Wedding-23 BK_Wedding-30BK_Wedding-30 BK_Wedding-32BK_Wedding-32 BK_Wedding-38BK_Wedding-38 BK_Wedding-40BK_Wedding-40 BK_Wedding-41BK_Wedding-41 BK_Wedding-47BK_Wedding-47 BK_Wedding-56BK_Wedding-56 BK_Wedding-68BK_Wedding-68 BK_Wedding-69BK_Wedding-69 BK_Wedding-73BK_Wedding-73 BK_Wedding-81BK_Wedding-81 BK_Wedding-86BK_Wedding-86 BK_Wedding-88BK_Wedding-88 BK_Wedding-89BK_Wedding-89 BK_Wedding-91BK_Wedding-91 BK_Wedding-93BK_Wedding-93 BK_Wedding-97BK_Wedding-97 BK_Wedding-102BK_Wedding-102 BK_Wedding-105BK_Wedding-105 BK_Wedding-110BK_Wedding-110 BK_Wedding-113BK_Wedding-113 BK_Wedding-135BK_Wedding-135 BK_Wedding-152BK_Wedding-152 BK_Wedding-165BK_Wedding-165 BK_Wedding-167BK_Wedding-167 BK_Wedding-168BK_Wedding-168 BK_Wedding-170BK_Wedding-170 BK_Wedding-172BK_Wedding-172 BK_Wedding-177BK_Wedding-177 BK_Wedding-179BK_Wedding-179 BK_Wedding-185BK_Wedding-185 BK_Wedding-196BK_Wedding-196 BK_Wedding-198BK_Wedding-198 BK_Wedding-204BK_Wedding-204 BK_Wedding-208BK_Wedding-208 BK_Wedding-212BK_Wedding-212 BK_Wedding-215BK_Wedding-215 BK_Wedding-266BK_Wedding-266 BK_Wedding-271BK_Wedding-271 BK_Wedding-277BK_Wedding-277 BK_Wedding-279BK_Wedding-279 BK_Wedding-282BK_Wedding-282 BK_Wedding-285BK_Wedding-285 BK_Wedding-287BK_Wedding-287 BK_Wedding-290BK_Wedding-290 BK_Wedding-291BK_Wedding-291 BK_Wedding-293BK_Wedding-293 BK_Wedding-297BK_Wedding-297 BK_Wedding-303BK_Wedding-303 BK_Wedding-305BK_Wedding-305 BK_Wedding-307BK_Wedding-307 BK_Wedding-313BK_Wedding-313 BK_Wedding-315BK_Wedding-315 BK_Wedding-323BK_Wedding-323 BK_Wedding-326BK_Wedding-326 BK_Wedding-334BK_Wedding-334 BK_Wedding-359BK_Wedding-359 BK_Wedding-363BK_Wedding-363 BK_Wedding-368BK_Wedding-368 BK_Wedding-372BK_Wedding-372 BK_Wedding-374BK_Wedding-374 BK_Wedding-384BK_Wedding-384 BK_Wedding-401BK_Wedding-401 BK_Wedding-403BK_Wedding-403 BK_Wedding-415BK_Wedding-415 BK_Wedding-431BK_Wedding-431 BK_Wedding-439BK_Wedding-439 BK_Wedding-443BK_Wedding-443 BK_Wedding-451BK_Wedding-451 BK_Wedding-454BK_Wedding-454 BK_Wedding-468BK_Wedding-468 BK_Wedding-472BK_Wedding-472 BK_Wedding-483BK_Wedding-483


(The Vinyl Lens) austin photographer austin wedding photographer milestone pocket watch pocketwatch wedding Wed, 16 Dec 2020 18:54:15 GMT
Lala & Eddie | Maternity LEGM-70LEGM-70

Lala & Eddie
Mueller Lake Park

I feel so incredibly lucky when my clients (who I consider friends right away) keep me in mind for future shoots. It feels rewarding! And in instances like this, where I am doing a second maternity session, I get to see a family grow and bond more and more over time.

I've got to be there for Lala and Eddie's first maternity shoot, and an engagement session, and wedding, multiple family photos, and now I got to help them spread the word that they were expecting another addition to the family!

Absolutely love these two (well, four now) and can't wait to keep seeing their family through the years. Congratulations on your plus one!

Check out some of my favorites from their shoot below!:

Click Here For Gallery View!


(The Vinyl Lens) atx baby family photographer maternity mueller mueller lake park pregnant Tue, 15 Dec 2020 22:40:41 GMT
Jack | Lime Creek Road Rollers JH_Rollers-13JH_Rollers-13

Not every day I throw my rig onto the back of my car and get those sweet rolling shots from the front and center. Jack and I went out with his GT350 that's been decked out to make it even more of a beast on the track and took these rolling shots along Lime Creek Road. It was the perfect time of day, and everything came together really nicely.

Check out some of my favorites from our shoot, and let me know if you'd like rollers of YOUR cool car!

Click Here For Gallery View!

JH_Rollers-4JH_Rollers-4 JH_Rollers-5JH_Rollers-5 JH_Rollers-10JH_Rollers-10 JH_Rollers-11JH_Rollers-11 JH_Rollers-12JH_Rollers-12 JH_Rollers-13JH_Rollers-13 JH_Rollers-17JH_Rollers-17 JH_Rollers-19JH_Rollers-19 JH_Rollers-21JH_Rollers-21 JH_Rollers-25JH_Rollers-25 JH_Rollers-32JH_Rollers-32

(The Vinyl Lens) austin car car photographer cars gt350 lime creek red shelby Tue, 15 Dec 2020 15:37:07 GMT
Mallory & Will | Wedding MWM_Wedding-124MWM_Wedding-124

Mallory & Will
When: November 14th, 2020
Ceremony & Reception: Private Residence

I've mentioned before how many great people I meet through car culture, and one of those people was Will and his (now) wife Mallory. They kept this light with a smaller audience, but no less beautiful in a backyard near Lago Vista.

You could tell how insanely happy they were to finally be tying the knot! And during some of our formal photos of just the two of them, we got to swing around front for photos with their cars.

Check out some of my favorites from the day below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding!:

Click Here For Gallery View!

MWM_Wedding-9MWM_Wedding-9 MWM_Wedding-12MWM_Wedding-12 MWM_Wedding-13MWM_Wedding-13 MWM_Wedding-17MWM_Wedding-17 MWM_Wedding-20MWM_Wedding-20 MWM_Wedding-22MWM_Wedding-22 MWM_Wedding-23MWM_Wedding-23 MWM_Wedding-26MWM_Wedding-26 MWM_Wedding-27MWM_Wedding-27 MWM_Wedding-30MWM_Wedding-30 MWM_Wedding-45MWM_Wedding-45 MWM_Wedding-57MWM_Wedding-57 MWM_Wedding-64MWM_Wedding-64 MWM_Wedding-67MWM_Wedding-67 MWM_Wedding-68MWM_Wedding-68 MWM_Wedding-74MWM_Wedding-74 MWM_Wedding-75MWM_Wedding-75 MWM_Wedding-77MWM_Wedding-77 MWM_Wedding-80MWM_Wedding-80 MWM_Wedding-83MWM_Wedding-83 MWM_Wedding-84MWM_Wedding-84 MWM_Wedding-92MWM_Wedding-92 MWM_Wedding-96MWM_Wedding-96