Edge Addicts | Track Racing

December 20, 2020


There is a great group of folks over at Edge Addicts who hold track days at Circuit of the Americas. People can sign up for instruction and sessions to take their cars onto the track and put their cars to the task of besting their own times at COTA.

I got to take my camera to one of these events and photograph a few people from my car group (and a bunch of others who were on the track). I had a blast seeing some of my favorite makes and models rip around the corners and make a bunch of engine noises... oh, and I suppose I liked capturing photos of it all, too!

Check out some of my favorites from sessions I recently went to below!

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EA-59EA-59 EA-72EA-72 EA-205EA-205 EA-282EA-282 EA-284EA-284 EA-285EA-285 EA-363EA-363 EA-378EA-378 EA-386EA-386 EA-388EA-388 EA-392EA-392 TGT-2TGT-2 TGT-4TGT-4 TGT-5TGT-5 TGT-6TGT-6 TGT-10TGT-10 TGT-11TGT-11 TGT-14TGT-14 TGT-16TGT-16 TGT-20TGT-20 TGT-21TGT-21 TGT-24TGT-24 TGT-25TGT-25 TGT-28TGT-28