Little River Test N Tune | Drag Races

December 17, 2020


I finally took my camera over to Little River Dragway to take some photos of the races. Nearly every weekend, they have a Test N Tune event, so you see pretty much every kind of thing with four wheels seeing what kind of numbers they can put down. Not many better ways to spend a Friday night!

Below you'll see some of my favorites from the night. It is really tough to take photos this time of year because it gets dark so early. It really puts your camera gear to the test!

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LRD-2LRD-2 LRD-3LRD-3 LRD-4LRD-4 LRD-5LRD-5 LRD-7LRD-7 LRD-9LRD-9 LRD-10LRD-10 LRD-12LRD-12 LRD-15LRD-15 LRD-18LRD-18 LRD-19LRD-19 LRD-20LRD-20 LRD-24LRD-24 LRD-28LRD-28 LRD-31LRD-31 LRD-32LRD-32 LRD-33LRD-33 LRD-34LRD-34 LRD-39LRD-39 LRD-46LRD-46 LRD-49LRD-49 LRD-53LRD-53 LRD-56LRD-56 LRD-59LRD-59 LRD-66LRD-66 LRD-67LRD-67 LRD-75LRD-75 LRD-81LRD-81 LRD-91LRD-91