Whimsical Sekrits - Austin, TX @ Sekrit Theater

December 19, 2020


Who: Whimsical Sekrits
When: November 15th, 2020
Where: Austin, TX @ Sekrit Theater

Man! It has been awhile since I've gotten to photograph performance art, and it felt great! With the shutdowns and all, most shows have been canceled. However, this Whimsical Sekrits show did something awesome - they took the show online and streamed it via Twitch! So they still got a nice online crowd to watch, and I got to be there to photograph it in person.

This was also my first time to the Sekrit Theater. I had heard about it many times, but never got to see it in person. It's kind of hard to explain... it's basically someone's big backyard, and there's just a lot of stuff back there. A non-running school bus, a big projector screen, a gazebo, a green house, and a bunch more. It's kind of a photographer's dream. It's incredibly charming and almost seems magical in an Alice in Wonderland type of way.

The production itself was a lot of fun, too. It had a little bit of everything from aerial performers, pole dancing, to fire spinning. If you are familiar with my work, you know I love capturing people playing with fire.

Check out some of my favorites from the show below! And if you know someone in the performance arts who needs a photographer for a show, send them this post!

Click Here For Gallery View!

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