Becca & Tim | Wedding

October 18, 2021


Tim was in a car club I used to be a part of (before I started BAMBOOZLED) and when I saw him looking for a wedding photographer, I of course had to offer my services! Tim is a great guy - I photographed his Shelby GT350 in the past, and he's just a laid back and easy going person, and I love working with people who don't stress out too much.

I didn't realize it until I got there for their wedding day, but I actually went to high school with Becca, and worked with her brother. Funny how small the world can be sometimes! 

Becca and Tim put on a great wedding! Complete with a fireworks show and everything. Loved seeing these two tie the knot and being there to capture it all. Check out my favorites below, and let me know if you need a wedding photographer!

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