Y'all Out Boy @ Austin, TX @ Empire Garage

July 01, 2021


Who: Y'all Out Boy
When: May 28th, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Empire Garage

How have I not seen these guys in the last few years?! Y'all Out Boy wakes up your inner early 2000's kid, belting out hit after hit from pop-punk and emo bands like Fall Out Boy, blink-182, Brand New, Hawthorne Heights, and more!

I had just wrapped up photographing a high school graduation in South Austin, and I was looking for something to do since I was near downtown anyway. My friends Matt and Virginia were downtown about to take video for a band. I mostly jokingly asked them if they could get me in, and to my surprise they worked with the band and I was able to snag myself a press pass. 

And man, am I glad they did!

They put on an incredibly high energy show for a packed venue. Great showmanship, great set list, and it was just a lot of fun to have those feelings of nostalgia while I was clicking away taking photos. I will actually have a part 2 to this coming soon, because I went back to another one of their shows a few weeks later and I was able to get more behind the scenes style shots! So stay tuned.

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below! If you are a band or musician in the Austin area and need some great live show shots, be sure to reach out to me so we can get something setup!

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