Don & Rob & Jenn | Rollers

September 29, 2021


My car club held a contest and I put up a rolling shot session as one of the prizes. Don won first place and we setup a time to get together for his session. His Mercedes is IMMACULATE! Very beautiful car, and it made me excited to do the shoot.

So we hit up 360 and tried a couple of angles and got some really spectacular shots. I usually invite members of the car club out after I finish a session to take photos of their cars, too (hey, I am out here anyway, right?), and got some great rolling shots of their cars.

Check out some of my favorites from this morning, and hit me up if you need some new shots of your car!

Click Here For Gallery View!

DRJ-3DRJ-3 DRJ-5DRJ-5 DRJ-9DRJ-9 DRJ-11DRJ-11 DRJ-18DRJ-18 DRJ-32DRJ-32 DRJ-34DRJ-34 DRJ-47DRJ-47 DRJ-50DRJ-50 DRJ-51DRJ-51 DRJ-60DRJ-60 DRJ-63DRJ-63 DRJ-65DRJ-65 DRJ-67DRJ-67 DRJ-72DRJ-72 DRJ-73DRJ-73 DRJ-76DRJ-76 DRJ-79DRJ-79 DRJ-85DRJ-85 DRJ-96DRJ-96