Illuminatra Private Party | Event

September 30, 2021


I've met some incredible performers through Lache and the Fly Unfeathered shows, and one of those people was Mary with Illuminatra. She invited me out to photograph their performances at a private party at Casa Cartel, and... just WOW! I love photographing performance art, but this setting was just a whole 'nother level of sweet.

They did everything from fire spinning acts to different aerials, and even had a big inflatable ball in the pool they could climb inside. It was a lot to take in, but I am so glad I got to be a part of capturing the magic.

Check out my favorites from the shoot below, and let me know if you have some performance art you'd like me to capture!

Click Here For Gallery View!

Illuminatra-1Illuminatra-1 Illuminatra-3Illuminatra-3 Illuminatra-5Illuminatra-5 Illuminatra-8Illuminatra-8 Illuminatra-11Illuminatra-11 Illuminatra-14Illuminatra-14 Illuminatra-20Illuminatra-20 Illuminatra-29Illuminatra-29 Illuminatra-31Illuminatra-31 Illuminatra-41Illuminatra-41 Illuminatra-66Illuminatra-66 Illuminatra-74Illuminatra-74 Illuminatra-77Illuminatra-77 Illuminatra-79Illuminatra-79 Illuminatra-81Illuminatra-81 Illuminatra-90Illuminatra-90 Illuminatra-93Illuminatra-93 Illuminatra-107Illuminatra-107 Illuminatra-110Illuminatra-110 Illuminatra-114Illuminatra-114 Illuminatra-115Illuminatra-115 Illuminatra-118Illuminatra-118 Illuminatra-123Illuminatra-123 Illuminatra-128Illuminatra-128 Illuminatra-134Illuminatra-134 Illuminatra-135Illuminatra-135 Illuminatra-138Illuminatra-138 Illuminatra-152Illuminatra-152 Illuminatra-157Illuminatra-157 Illuminatra-158Illuminatra-158