Jesse's Haircuts & Headshots | Fundraising Event

September 29, 2021


I've met lots of really cool people in the car enthusiast world. When I first got my Mustang, I saw someone in front of me at Round Rock Donuts with an Instagram tag decal, so I gave them a follow, and eventually that led me to joining my first car club. In that club, I met Jesse. Jesse drives a killer yellow Corvette, and just knows so damn much about cars. He was always answering questions and lending a hand in people needing to install mods or do other repairs.

It was devastating to learn that he found out he got diagnosed with cancer. We held a couple of fundraisers to help him get the money needed for his surgeries, and one of those events was this Haircuts + Headshots that my friend Ace (Reunion Barbershop) and I hosted. People came in for barber services or a headshot (or both!), and paid what they wanted as a donation to Jesse's fundraiser. Lots of great people came in and it was a total success!

Below are some of my favorite images from the day:

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