Y'all Out Boy @ Austin, TX at Empire Garage (pt 3)

September 29, 2021

YOB3rd-392YOB3rd-392 Who: Y'all Out Boy
When: July 31st, 2021
Where: Austin, TX @ Empire Garage

And finally, part 3 in the series of me catching up with blog posts. Back at Empire Garage again, but this time it was a YOB Anniversary show! The venue was absolutely FILLED. There were inflatable beach balls and pizzas, an insanely loved setlist, and non-stop fun for a few hours! 

I've already said it before, but these guys are an insane talent, and you'd be hard pressed finding a better act besides seeing the original bands themselves to get your pop-punk and emo fill!

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below! If you are a band or musician in the Austin area and need some great live show shots, be sure to reach out to me so we can get something setup!

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YOB3rd-12YOB3rd-12 YOB3rd-14YOB3rd-14 YOB3rd-17YOB3rd-17 YOB3rd-26YOB3rd-26 YOB3rd-32YOB3rd-32 YOB3rd-37YOB3rd-37 YOB3rd-41YOB3rd-41 YOB3rd-44YOB3rd-44 YOB3rd-45YOB3rd-45 YOB3rd-49YOB3rd-49 YOB3rd-62YOB3rd-62 YOB3rd-66YOB3rd-66 YOB3rd-85YOB3rd-85 YOB3rd-107YOB3rd-107 YOB3rd-117YOB3rd-117 YOB3rd-124YOB3rd-124 YOB3rd-130YOB3rd-130 YOB3rd-142YOB3rd-142 YOB3rd-144YOB3rd-144 YOB3rd-163YOB3rd-163 YOB3rd-182YOB3rd-182 YOB3rd-187YOB3rd-187 YOB3rd-196YOB3rd-196 YOB3rd-200YOB3rd-200 YOB3rd-205YOB3rd-205 YOB3rd-223YOB3rd-223 YOB3rd-231YOB3rd-231 YOB3rd-233YOB3rd-233 YOB3rd-261YOB3rd-261 YOB3rd-270YOB3rd-270 YOB3rd-297YOB3rd-297 YOB3rd-303YOB3rd-303 YOB3rd-311YOB3rd-311 YOB3rd-315YOB3rd-315 YOB3rd-318YOB3rd-318 YOB3rd-321YOB3rd-321 YOB3rd-372YOB3rd-372 YOB3rd-392YOB3rd-392 YOB3rd-399YOB3rd-399 YOB3rd-405YOB3rd-405 YOB3rd-408YOB3rd-408 YOB3rd-419YOB3rd-419 YOB3rd-432YOB3rd-432