June 29, 2022

3rd Ear Experience @ Come & Take It Live (5/5/2019)

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Little story time. I love 80's adventure flicks. The Goonies, Stand By Me, Back to the Future, and definitely Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. As a kid, there was this song that played near the end of the movie that I loved. It was when Bill and Ted arrived at the future council, and the song "In Time" by Robbi Robb plays, and all these things start to come together for them. I loved the song so much that for years I tried to find out more about Robbi, and I finally found out he has a band called 3rd Ear Experience. And holy crap, they had tour dates coming through Austin in a few months!

I reached out to Robbi and asked if I could photograph his concert, and to my surprise he responded! Fast forward those couple of months, and I am at Come & Take It Live, photographing the opening bands, and eventually Robbi and 3rd Ear Experience come out and proceed to play just the face melting psychedelic pieces. It was way different than "In Time", but it in nothing but good ways.

Afterwards, I got to hang out with Robbi and the band, have a few beers, and chat about music and he even satisfied my curiosity regarding that song. He made it seem like such a small blip in his career as a musician! I've been fawning over this song for years, and it was summed up as a quick studio session where he sang the song, and that was pretty much it. A days work.

Here are some shots I was able to capture from the show that night. I am forever grateful that I had this opportunity to capture this show, and to get to meet and hangout with the band a bit. It meant the world to me!

Who: Butter Sweet, Ziggurat, and 3rd Ear Experience

When: May 5th, 2019

Where: Come & Take It Live, Austin, TX.