June 1, 2022

A Whole Lotta Cars | Rollers, Stills, Models, Details

Cars & Motorsports

How did I end up running a car club, and being asked to do rolling shots on the regular? I guess it started when I got permission from my wife to trade-in my 2016 EcoBoost Mustang for a 2018 Mustang GT. Once I did that, I started getting it - understanding why people like fast cars. It was addictive to just push the throttle down and feel your body push into the back of your seat, hearing the engine roar, and making your knuckles turn white from gripping your steering wheel. I started appreciating other fast cars around me. Like Kaleigh. I was behind her at Round Rock Donuts on day and saw she had an Instagram decal on her window. So I followed her and messaged her "Nice car!" We chatted a little, and she invited me to come hang out with the car club she was in, Family First Racing.

So I did. I met the club. Lots of funny folks in there. I met some of my current best friends there. And then I left for another club after awhile, and made even more friends. I wanted to be more involved in helping run the club. Make a website. Stand out on social media. Have a better group chat solution. So I left that club and started BAMBOOZLED. As of writing this, we have nearly 100 members, with an active Discord. We bring out dozens of people with our hosted meets. And we're still growing every day!

But getting into the car community is what got me into photographing cars. Seeing other people bring their cameras to these events, zooming in on all these little details that I had never thought about. Hell, I even watched people hang out of passenger side windows to get in-motion shots of other cars called "rollers" or "rolling shots". So, I tried my hand at them. And I loved it. I have a whole mount that attaches to my car, and I get some incredibly crisp and sharp photos of cars while zooming down the road at 60mph. I've learned to pivot and get great shots of cars on the race tracks, too! So, after 4 years of doing this, here is my blog post showing off what I've been able to capture. And future shoots can get their own posts.

Come check out my car club over at www.bamboozled.cc if you have a cool car and want to hang with other folks in the car community!

When: 2018 to 2022

Where: Circuit of the Americas, Pennybacker Bridge, downtown Austin, AW Grimes in Round Rock, Pistons at the Park, Pistons on the Square, RADwood, and many other meets and spots.