July 3, 2023

BAMBOOZLED | VIP Rolling Shots

Cars & Motorsports

As some of you know, I run BAMBOOZLED Car Club. We have multiple tiers of membership, and one of those tiers are our VIP Members. Every now and then, as a perk for being VIP, I invite those members to come get some rolling shots done as a thank you for the additional support they provide the car club! One of my members tipped me off on a great empty road right off of 130 in Pflugerville that is smooth, empty, and quiet. This is ideal for rolling shots where I used a slower shutter speed to get these photos showing movement!

If you've got a cool car and would like to get in on these perks, hop into our Discord and join!

When: July 1st, 2023

Where: Pflugerville, TX