June 7, 2022

Circle of Soul 2017 | Groovy Event


My friend Matt is one of the only people I know that seems to be more busy than myself. He was playing in a local soul and R&B band, Moonlight Boulevard, running a recording studio, has a wife and dog, had his regular day job, and so many other ventures going on... but he still found time to organize and run a big block party event at Circle Brewing - advertising, getting musicians and bands to come perform, getting food trucks and tons of art vendors, and all these other little details to put on one heck of an event. It was very successful! There was so much good music, friendly and talented vendors, and it doesn't hurt that it was at one of the best local beer breweries so the drinks were legit!

When: December 2nd, 2017

Where: Circle Brewing, Austin, TX