May 31, 2022

Courtney & Zach | Engagement + Wedding


My very first wedding was the one I shot for Courtney and Zach. Prior to this, all I really took photos of were my friends or dog doing friends and dog things. I was getting pretty passionate about learning, and my friend Brittany had reached out to me because her sister was getting married and needed a photographer. They knew I was new, but trusted me to capture their day to the best of my ability. I upgraded my gear, asked for $100 to cover it all, and we did an engagement session as well as covered their wedding day. After shooting this wedding, I was hooked! I loved capturing the big day. I loved figuring out all these things on the fly. It was exciting, a little stressful, and now it's something that I want to always do more of!

When: October 8th, 2011

Where: Teravista Clubhouse, Round Rock, TX