August 29, 2022

Hair Metal Giants @ Shooters (1/8/2021)

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Big hair. Loud guitar. Leather pants. Amps turned to 11. What wasn't awesome about the 80's hair metal scene? Hair Metal Giants is here to keep that vibe alive. They are a tribute band to all the greats of the 80's from Def Leppard to Motley Crue hailing from Austin, TX and they bring the goods! Since I upgraded to the new Nikon Z6ii, I wanted to put it to the test so I reached out to some local bands to see who was playing in the near future. These guys hit me up and let me know about this show they had, and I was stoked to be invited. I really loved how the camera performed, and the show itself was just a ton of fun to watch and experience. Really great show, guys!

Who: Hair Metal Giants

When: January 8th, 2021

Where: Shooters, Austin, TX