June 3, 2022

Lala & Eddie | Engagements + Weddings + Babies & More!

Portraiture, Weddings

Yet another compilation post! If you haven't guessed it, there are a few families that trust me to capture their precious moments year after year, and Lala and Eddie are one of those families! I adore these guys. Every time I hang out with them, Eddie and I get to nerd out about music and comics, I get to see how much bigger their kids have gotten over the last x amount of months, and Lala is always up to something new like remodeling their home. I've gotten to be a part of photographing their maternity shoots, engagement, wedding, family photos, and even a birthday party! So below is a highlight of their wedding plus some favorites from over the years.

When: 2015 to 2022

Where: Austin and Round Rock, TX @ Brushy Creek Community Center, Northwest Greenway, Mueller Lake Park, and The Domain