August 22, 2022

MUNN @ Austin Public Access (3/9/2020)

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What a blast this shoot was! I was lucky enough to see the frontman, Jeff, looking for a photographer after their normal one was unable to attend this show, and even luckier that I was picked to come out and take photos of their sets on their public access show appearance. This is the first time for me visiting the building, even though I am familiar with a few of the shows that broadcast from there. It was seriously a very cool experience. Big video cameras, lighting, a show producer, and everything in between. Just neat to see what happens behind the scenes. But that wasn't the most impressive part - MUNN's music was simply fun to listen to while I was going all around the back of the studio to get shots of their performance. They're self-described as folk/folk-rock, and I could hear a little bit of Fastball, a little Jonathan Coulton, maybe even a dash of Mumford & Sons... I mean, I love folky sounding music, but throw in geeky science references and that's a recipe that makes me happy. 

When: March 9th, 2020

Where: Austin Public Access, Austin, TX