August 18, 2023

Silver Sessions | Family Portraits


My friends Senaya and Anthony requested some black and white portraits, so I setup my backdrop like I would for a headshot session (almost) and had them come over to give this thing a go... and let me just say I impressed myself and fell in love with the look and the process! I loved it so much in fact that I decided to offer it as a separate service. But before I could feel comfortable offering it as a service, I needed to build my portfolio... so I reached out a ton of friends to setup a little mini-shoot event where I could get a bunch of different looks knocked out in an afternoon.

I setup in my neighborhood's amenity center - backdrop, lights, a photo album of pose ideas for people to look through when they came in, and starting from 9am and finally wrapping up at 2pm I was able to get a ton of examples for my portfolio. Thank you everyone who came through to help me out!

If you are interested in this new family portrait offering, head on over to my portraiture services page and check out what I am offering!

When: July 16th, 2023

Where: Home Studio, Georgetown, TX