August 29, 2022

Sound Shed Studio AV Solutions | Team Portraits


My friend Matt does amazing work. I've been friends with him since high school when we were both getting into playing guitar. I had just been hooked up with a BC Rich Warlock that I was pining for, and I had no idea how to really play anything. Matt and a couple mutual friends and I got together a few times to try and jam, whatever that meant when you only know a few chords and pop riffs. A lot has changed since high school! Matt went on to form and play in different bands, built out his own recording studio, and basically became an AV god. One of his most recent endeavors was to build out Joe Rogan's podcast studio when Joe moved into Austin. From there, things just blew up! And now Matt has assembled a great team to do other builds, and that's why we took these photos. Going for an 80's/90's cheesy portrait aesthetic, I setup a huge backdrop in a warehouse and setup the lighting. Matt and team came prepared with different outfits and props, and we knocked this shoot out. Everyone looked great, and I think we really got that JC Penny feel in these photos. Be on the look out for more projects being done by Sound Shed AV Solutions! These photos will be featured on their website soon! And check out some of my favorites from the shoot below.

When: March 13th, 2021

Where: A Warehouse, Austin, TX