August 31, 2022

TILT | Headshots


My good friend Amy is the executive director over at TILT, and she approached me with an idea to provide headshots for the cast and students at TILT. TILT is a theater group made for people with disability to be able to express themselves, and to do away with disability stereotypes. These headshots were intended for use in their acting profiles, so an open invite was sent for people to sign-up for their time in front of the camera. It was so cool to meet everyone and snap these images for them! Everyone came with good attitudes, and absolutely killed it with their poses and expressions. I highly recommend checking out their upcoming showcases over at They're doing great things for the community, and deserve your support! Check out some of my favorites below, featuring some shots of the team that helps lead TILT, and a bunch of the actors as well!

When: February 27th, 2022

Where: Waveform, Austin, TX