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You're a gear head and you can't lock your car and walk away from it without giving it one last glance before heading into work. I get it! We all do. You have a car that you've put time into picking, and even modifying. You love it, and it's an extension of you! I absolutely encourage showing your car off, and I am here to help you do that.

The Vinyl Lens has several services to offer to help capture your car's best side. From roller shots that show off your car's speed, stills and details in a location of your choice to show off all those little things you've done to make your car even more aggressive and fun, joining you for a track day to capture your car hitting that bend just right, or working with a model to make your car photos a little more interesting.

I look forward to working with you and your high octane beast soon!


  • Client is responsible for any additional costs including entry and parking fees for photography location, tracks, etc.
  • If choosing your own location for roller shots, the road used must be a 2 lane (or more) road on each side with a speed limit of at least 50 MPH. This is to ensure good motion blur. It's also best if the road is low traffic to keep other vehicles out of your photos.
  • The Vinyl Lens can work with you on finding a model if you don't have one already hired for your shoot.
  • The Vinyl Lens is not responsible for any blemishes or unsightly marks on your vehicle during shoot. Bring your car clean, bring extra towels and products to do touch up cleanings at the shoot location if you want your vehicle looking pristine in the photos.
  • Best time to shoot photos is during the golden hours (sunrise plus one hour, sunset minus one hour), or during a cloudy day. Please be prepared to shoot for these times. It is not recommended to photograph outside these times since the a sun high in the sky can cause harsh shadows and glares.
  • For roller shots, two different angles means that I will photograph your car from two different angles. If you want shots of the rear of your car, and then the next pass we do on the selected route you want side shots, that requires I re-mount my camera to capture those new angles. Be prepared for us to pull over after one pass so I can make the adjustments and properly brief you on how to drive next to me.

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