Performance Arts
(Up to) 2 Hours of Coverage
No copyright restrictions
Full resolution downloads of images
Edited and delivered within 1 week of event

*Additional fees for parking, travel, and entry MAY be required

à la carte:
Thumb Drive with Images: $50

Whether you're a burlesque dancer looking for photos to use on your variety show poster, a fire breather that wants to show off pyromaniac tendencies, or a poet that's going to be performing at their first slam and you want it documented - The Vinyl Lens has got you covered!

For $200*, I will spend up to two hours photographing your performance. I'll get as many candid and action shots as I can, and go home to start editing. Within one week, your photos are edited and delivered! You can use them as you like with no copyright restrictions.

I have experience doing everything from burlesque, to fire spinning, hula hooping, pole dancing, and even comedy acts!

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