October 30, 2023

Emancipet | Fundraiser


As a passionate photographer, I had the incredible opportunity to be a second shooter at the Emancipet fundraising gala. From the moment I stepped into the venue, I was swept away by the energy, the purpose, and the sheer joy that filled the room. The Emancipet team and their donors, dressed to the nines, exuded warmth and dedication. Their commitment to animal welfare resonated with everyone present.

The gala was a visual feast. Imagine a room adorned with elegant gowns, dapper suits, and sparkling accessories. The air buzzed with excitement as guests mingled, sharing stories of their love for animals. And there, amidst the laughter and clinking glasses, I captured moments that would forever tell the tale of this remarkable evening.

As fate would have it, I found myself mere inches away from Jim Spencer, a true advocate for Emancipet’s cause. His passion radiated, and I seized the opportunity to immortalize his dedication through my lens. Jim’s presence added an extra layer of significance to the event.

The gala wasn’t just about formalities; it was a celebration. A live band set the rhythm, and the silent auction buzzed with anticipation. But what truly caught my eye were the onsite tattoo artists creating pet-themed flash tattoos. I couldn’t resist—I got one myself! It was a badge of honor, a symbol of my connection to this incredible community.

Emancipet’s mission touched my soul. They provide vital veterinary care to pets in need, ensuring their well-being and happiness. As you scroll through these images, know that each click supports this noble cause. Be a part of the action, celebrate the love for animals, and consider booking your own pet photoshoot with The Vinyl Lens.

When: October 19th, 2023

Where: Springdale Station, Austin, TX