June 8, 2022

Southwest Invasion | SXSW Sets

Bands & Concerts

Southwest Invasion was my first time getting to photograph some bigger names in the music industry. It was also my first time I had applied for a press pass to come take photos of a concert. The whole reason I wanted to cover this is because I had just started listening to a band named Melt, and saw they were swinging through. It wasn't until I got to the venue that I looked at the lineup, and I became doubly and triply excited to be there... I didn't realize some other bands that I've been in love with for years were going to be there, too! Jared and the Mill? Check! In the Valley Below? Check! And I ended up digging so many of the artists playing that day that I still have their music in my playlist and listen to it constantly. This was a really fun way to get my feet wet in concert photography, and I am so grateful!

Who: Cape Francis, Danny Fishman, In the Valley Below, Jared and the Mill, Jukebox the Ghost, Lola Marsh, Magic Bronson, Melt, Striking Matches

When: March 16th, 2018

Where: Whole Foods (Downtown), Austin, TX