November 6, 2023

Sportscar Vintage Racing Association | Track Event

Cars & Motorsports

I recently had the incredible opportunity to photograph for Shawn Jones, the mastermind behind the 10k member-strong Sweet Rides of Central Texas Facebook group. Shawn not only runs this thriving community but also organizes major automotive events like Corvette Invasion and Pistons at the Park. When I received media credentials for the SVRA event at Circuit of the Americas, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Little did I know that this weekend would be a visual feast of speed, power, and elegance.

To start the day off, my lens was drawn to the heart of the action—the Corvette Corral. Rows upon rows of gleaming Corvettes stood proudly, each one telling a unique story. From classic Stingrays to modern ZR1s, the diversity of these iconic sports cars was awe-inspiring. As a photographer, I reveled in capturing their curves, reflections, and sheer presence.

But my adventure didn’t end there. The sun played hide-and-seek as I explored the event further:

  1. Hagerty Cars & Caffeine Show: Amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, I captured classic cars basking in morning light. The juxtaposition of chrome bumpers and coffee cups created a delightful scene.
  2. SVRA Races: The roar of engines, the rush of adrenaline—these races were a photographer’s dream. I froze moments of speed, determination, and victory. The blurred backgrounds conveyed the intensity of the track.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, I reviewed my shots. Despite the challenging lighting conditions, I knew I had something special. These photos weren’t just about cars; they were about passion, community, and the thrill of the open road. So, whether you’re a Corvette enthusiast or simply appreciate automotive artistry, dive into this visual journey with me.

When: November 4th, 2023

Where: Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX